All Inclusive: Remmert's service contracts

With clear service agreements, you ensure the best possible system performance and full cost transparency

The failure of complex & automated production processes can mean serious consequences for your operation. A broad know-how and deep expertise is required to protect key agregates from the unexpected failure. With our service contracts you have the maximum possible support at hand.

► Safety for smooth production

►Optimum availability

►Optimal plant performance

►Full cost transparency

Inspection Contracts

To ensure the availability and longest possible service life of your systems at all times, we carry out tests at regular intervals.

  • Necessary annual safety tests according to DIN EN528 (incl. corresponding test seal)
  • Inspection of mechanical components by qualified Remmert technicians

Support Contracts

Guaranteed immediate help with committed services you can rely on.

  • Inclusive phone support with extended business and response times
  • Best possible support through visual assistance via augmented reality & remote support
  • Regular software maintenance

The Support Contract packages at a glance

Standby-timeMo - Fr 8 - 6 pm CESMo - Fr 7 - 6 pm CESMo - Fr 6 - 10 pm CES
Sa 8 - 12 CES
Reaction time-2 h1,5 h1 h
Visual Support-Max. 1 h / monthmax. 2 h / monthincluded
Remote SupportMax. 5 h / monthincludedincludedincluded
Software maintenance-1 x p.a.1 x p.a.2 x p.a.
PricingAccording to effortPlant-specific flat ratePlant-specific flat ratePlant-specific flat rate

On-call time

  • Telephone support by qualified & experienced personnel
  • Extension of availability beyond normal business hours

Remote support

  • Direct remote connection to the system for detailed fault analysis and correction
  • Elimination of more than 85% of all reported malfunctions without technician intervention

Response time

  • Higher prioritization of customers with maintenance contract
  • Commitment of response times between error message and problem analysis

Software maintenance

  • Comprehensive remote maintenance of the software to ensure its performance
  • Database cleanup, data backup, hard drive check, system diagnostics, etc.

Visual support

  • Guided self-maintenance through augmented reality application
  • Optimal problem analysis and targeted process instructions for troubleshooting