Does your storage system still meet your requirements?
What makes a suitable storage system? Quick and uncomplicated function.

RetroFit with Remmert

Perfect for anyone looking for a storage modernisation suiting their requirements.
Uncomplicated, quick, client-specific.

To get the best from your storage system at any time, a modernisation can be the right answer. So from time to time you should ask yourself these questions

  • How is my failure and replacement part security?
  • Does the level of automation of my storage system correspond to what is possible today?
  • Is my storage system completely integrated into my IT environment?
  • Am I using user friendly software?
  • How is the energy balance of my storage system failing?

All the advantages of RetroFit at at a glance:

  • Low downtimes
  • Increasing the level of automation
  • Large energy savings
  • Low personal intensity and low maintenance costs
  • Lowering of downtimes by at least 20%
  • Higher storage availability of at least 98%
  • Increase in productivity by at least 30%

Impressions of our work

Our service - After Sales Service 24/7

Immediately after setting up your storage system, our service partnership begins to provide your Remmert systems with optimal performance at any time. Our support team of specialists with several years of experience in machine and system construction are at your side around the clock. Use our individual and standardised service packet.

Good reasons to use Remmert RetroFit

We make your storage system fit for use - quick and uncomplicated

Our expertise: the optimisation of production and intralogistical processes. To allow you to focus on your key skills, we complete your RetroFit during operation.


As Remmert develops RetroFit concepts in a task-based and manufacturer-independent way, the modernisation of storage systems from other manufacturers is also easy to achieve.


Solutions for complex problems all in one place. Together with you, we make every RetroFit concept custom to meet your requirements.

Cost savings

Quicker, simpler, cheaper: a RetroFit is cheaper than a new design. Your storage system can also be seamlessly modernised during operation, which eliminates downtime costs. And of course it is quicker than a new design, too.

All about service

Remmert is there for you. Even after a successful RetroFit we are at your side! With the Remmert service partnership - 24/7.

In three steps to making a decision

1. Introductory interview

  • You get to know us and we get to know you and your storage system goals
  • This way we can work precisely with your needs

2. The Remmert check

  • Detailed view
  • Solution concept
  • Result

3. RetroFit basic concept

  • After a basic analysis, you receive a detailed status, optimisation and risk report from us including all important information for an optimal decision
  • We also create your RetroFit basic concept on the basis of your goals, the findings of the check and the regulations and norms relating to safety
  • Plus= Budget offer including comparison with a new design

The Remmert RetroFit services

  • Replacing non-functioning or old components
  • Replenishing the replacement parts available
  • Providing current technology, e.g, migration from S5 to S7
  • Interface optimisation
  • Updating or integrating a WMS (warehouse management system) and coupling an ERP system
  • Optimised storage logistical overall concept
  • New drive and drive concepts e.g. for your lifting and driving tools
  • Optimised material and information flow concepts
  • Current concepts for storage and retrieval machines and safety
  • Expansion of automation
  • Expansions for process visualisation
  • Connection of processing machines

And what can we do for you?

We’ll be happy to provide you with further assistance.

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