Our professional network

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. (Henry Ford)

Top cluster it´s OWL

Remmert is a partner of the top cluster ‘it’s OWL - Intelligent Technical Systems of OstWestfalenLippe’. Under the title of the regional high-tech programme, 173 companies, universities, research institutions and organisations work together. Over the next few years the partners will be working on around 45 of the development projects supported by the Federal Research Ministry and conceiving completely new products. Remmert is also involved in its own research project. The goals of the top cluster are to maintain powerful production in Germany, to expand the collaboration between economy and science, to increase the competitiveness of the partner companies and to give a strong impulse for the innovative region OstWestfalenLippe.

Internet: www.its-owl.de


The innovation network OWL MASCHINENBAU has the objective of strengthening the economic and technological potential of the engineering region East Westphalia-Lippe in the context of international competition. With 300 companies and over 40,000 employees, machine manufacturing has been a historically growing key skill of the region. The mid-market structured sector is confronted with the challenges of increasing globalisation and accelerated technological change with new forms of cooperation. Through the close networking of companies, universities and added value partners, East Westphalia-Lippe claims its place as one of the leading machine manufacturing regions in Europe.

Internet: www.owl-maschinenbau.de