The stages of our success

From construction and metalwork in 1945 to an innovative mechanical engineering company today


Company founded by Friedrich Heinrich Remmert

Founded as metal work, plumbing and installation company on parental land, the company has developed into one of the most successful mechanical engineering companies in Germany.


First fully automated long goods storage system

Installation of the first fully automated Remmert long goods storage system, which is still in operation today.


Friedrich Remmert

Friedrich Gottlieb Remmert becomes Managing Director.
With constant expansions in the 1960s and 1970s, the company developed more and more into a supplier for machine factories with an emphasis on steel and mechanical engineering work and custom-made special constructions according to the particular wishes of clients. This is how the crossover from handcraft to industrial manufacture was made.


First automatic sheet metal storage system

With the integration of the first automated sheet metal storage system, which is still in operation today, the system was able to be connected to the storage logistical process in a fully automated way and with a connection the client’s processing machines.


Founding Remmert PRO

Foundation of the daughter company Friedrich Remmert Datentechnik GmbH - Remmert PRO.
The Remmert philosophy - storage logistic processes need storage logistic expertise - is being carried through. Remmert makes their mark with the founding of Remmert PRO and characterises the market with its intelligent software solutions for long goods and sheet metal.


First fully automated sheet metal cell

Through the installation of the first fully automated sheet metal cell, non-manual processes in a fully automated sheet metal storage system are now possible with directly connected processing machines.This Remmert solution guarantees an optimised coordination and control of all sheet metal processing units and creates significantly shortened production runtimes and stock security.


Stephan Remmert

Stephan Remmert becomes Managing Director.


Matthias Remmert

Matthias Remmert becomes Managing Director and the new Management building in Löhne, East Westphalia is opened.


Founding Remmert Automation

With the founding of the daughter company Remmert Automation GmbH, Remmert can now expand their customer services. This includes

  • online support
  • Safety-technical checks
  • 24/7 After Sales Service
  • Modernisation for maximal task availability

Product launch of the PICKsystem

Remmert is bringing the gantry grip PICKsystem out on the market and is thus creating Europe’s most modern saw. The new PICKsystem firstly enables the non-manual and quick transport of bar steel. The Remmert saw cell comprises of a fully automated cartridge storage system, the PICKsystem, the manufacturing management software and the saw machines directly attached to them. The particular advantage for the steel trade is that task processing is very profitable, even with small-volume saw cuttings.


International market launch of the sorting robots LaserSORT and Cutting SORT

LaserSORT fascinates the induustry with its extremely flexible, reliable and fully-automated sorting of various contours. The integration of the LaserSORT enables clearly reduced item costs.
CuttingSORT - for fully automated sorting of saw cuttings. With the completely automated processing procedure in the Remmert saw cell and the non-manual commissioning in various containers, parts costs are reduced significantly.


Remmert enters into a strategic system partnership with KUKA robots.

The range of skills of the two technology leaders is being optimally expanded because robotics and automation are becoming increasingly important in intralogistics. Thus Remmert completes their production pallet and expands their leading position in the field of automation.


Product launch of the LaserFLEX

Remmert is launching the handling system LaserFLEX on the market - the first manufacturer-independent module for non-manual feeding and unloading of laser machines, which enables optimal machine performance and reduced handling and auxiliary times.


Expansion needs space

With the constant expansion of the product pallet, the space needs for assembly are also growing more and more. So in 2009 in Löhne, a new assembly hall was opened with approximately 800 m2.

Neue Halle bei der Friedrich Remmert GmbH

Market launch of PRObend

PRObend was launched at EuroBLECH 2010. The currently unrivalled application enables the automation of existing bend presses from all standard manufacturers on the market. PRObend is a complete solution made up of robots, software and handling tools.

Markteinführung PRObend

Developing AMASORT and PlasmaSORT

The name Remmert has stood for economical storage technology and creative software solutions for decades With the development of AMASORT, PlasmaSORT and other handling and sorting robots, Remmert has continuously expanded their key skill focus on intelligent automated solutions over the past few years. The company is now THE expert for logistics and automated solutions for sheet metal and long goods.

Entwicklung AMASORT und PlasmaSORT

Intensifying sales activities in Poland

Sales Manager Polen Pawel Zilinski

Product launch of the BASIC tower sheet metal

In producing companies the demand for storage systems, in which small material quantities can be stocked in an economic and space-saving way, is increasing. With our BASIC tower, we have created a standardised storage solution for exactly this market development. The convincing added value for our customers is in the design of the BASIC tower, among other things. We have developed a small storage system with a highly dense design. Up to 99 tonnes of flat goods can be stocked on a minimal floor space. The size of the load carrier also corresponds to the new sheet metal storage system.


Product launch of the BASIC tower long goods

Right in the direct production environment, powerful storage systems that guarantee quick feeding of manufacture are in demand. But the stocking of these low storage quantities presents challenges for many companies. We have now developed the ideal solution with our new BASIC tower long goods. The tower storage system enables you to have all of the advantages of an automation system in the smallest amount of space. With the BASIC tower, we have developed a space-saving stand alone system, which uses up the amount of space in the best possible way. As a result, we enable a load capacity of up to 120 tonnes on a floor space of 25 m2. the BASIC tower long goods can be optimally integrated into the existing space concept.


Product launch of the LaserFLEX 4.0

Quick and efficient processes are essential for production companies. What’s the bottleneck? The often unobtainable automation of laser systems, for example. With LaserFLEX, Remmert is responding to this challenge. The new robot application for sheet metal enables a higher level of automation in laser-supported manufacture. Our newly developed robot application is currently the fastest solution on the market for fully automated feeding of laser systems. Two automation units decouple the supply and removal for the processing machines. Material changing times of just approx. one minute are the result. Users benefit from automated processes, manufacturer-independent integration and significantly reduced downtimes.


Strengthening of international sales

To strengthen European and Asian sales, Remmert has recruited the following members of the sales team:

  •     Dr Jeffrey Wang, Key Account Asia
  •     Michal Goreczny, Key Account Eastern Europe
  •     Jan Schwiertz, Area Sales Manager Benelux

Intelligent sorting: fully automatic and job oriented

SortFLEX is the flexible and fully automatic solution for the sorting of lasered finished parts. Due to the manufacturer-independent integration, SortFLEX enables highest flexibility in the selection of the connected laser cutting machines. The highlight: SortFLEX effectively improves the entire material flow of the entire metalworking production line - users benefit from directly measurable productivity increases.


75 years of Remmert

Remmert celebrates its 75th anniversary. Founded in 1945, Remmert has grown to become an internationally active mechanical engineering company with 140 employees and an expanding network of sales partners.


New product area Automated Guided Vehicles

Remmert expands its competence with autonomous, driverless transport systems and develops an automated guided vehicle (AGV) designed for heavy and bulky goods. Remmert is thus closing the gap to the fully automated material flow in sheet metal processing.