Storage of long goods in cassettes

Maximum storage volume and efficient picking operations for both long and bulky goods

Storage cassettes are an excellent way of storing long goods, for instance, piping, tubing, bars and metal profiles within easy reach, and without taking up too much space. Remmert automatic cassette storage systems enable a wide range of different items to be stored in very compact spaces. Automatic storage and retrieval machines and incoming and outgoing goods stations ensure fast, efficient and accident-free material handling with very few personnel required. The integrated WMS provides full control and transparency of all inventories.

The benefits of cassette storage systems for storing long goods

Cassette storage systems provide the benefits of safely storing many different goods in very compact spaces. Bars, piping, tubing, metal profiles, aluminium rails and other long goods can be stored in interchangeable cassettes, preventing them from falling out. Each cassette can accommodate different goods of varying lengths. Separation within the cassettes can be done via dividers. Small parts or pallets can also be stored in closed cassettes. Cassettes can be stored in the form of drawers within the shelving system. Remmert cassette shelving systems are equipped with automatic storage and retrieval machines. This minimises the amount of personnel and space required.

Remmert cassette storage types

Honeycomb storage systems

Honeycomb-structured interchangeable cassette storage system with storage and retrieval machine at the front of the storage cassettes

  • Maximum storage capacity for a wide range of products
  • Very high access speeds for fast turnover of goods

Bridge storage systems

Long goods warehouse with overhead retrieval machine. Lengthwise access to the storage cassettes.

  • High level of storage capacity with minimal space requirements
  • Variable system design, easily expandable

Tower storage systems

Automatic storage tower system with retrieval machine for lengthwise access and operation. Available also as double tower version.

  • Storage of small quantities of long goods close to production
  • Self-supporting cassettes with a wide variety of uses

Automation for Remmert cassette storage systems

In combination with robotics systems for Remmert material handling or automated guided vehicle systems, the long goods storage systems can be combined with sawing centres and other processing stations to form a fully-automated and complete solution.

Gantry robots

Portal gripper for automatic removal of long goods

  • Picking of up to 55 bars per hour
  • Automatic operation of up to 4 sawing machines

Automated guided vehicle

Omnidirectional AGV for heavy and bulky goods

  • Transport payloads of up to 3 tonnes
  • Optional scissor lift table to accommodate interchangeable cassettes

Logistics software

Control software with integrated WMS

  • Warehouse management and control in one system
  • Interface to processing machines from various manufacturers