Automated guided vehicle systems (AGV)

Intralogistics as it should be: maximum flexibility at minimum operating costs

The Remmert AGVS is the ideal solution for autonomous, smooth transport of heavy and bulky goods such as sheets, pipes and metal profiles in production and warehouse environments. AGV transport vehicles navigate safely and independently in any direction, including through narrow travel paths. AGVs can replace forklift trips and rigid conveyors, thus creating completely new possibilities for organising production: storage areas and machining centres can be spatially separated and flexibly positioned in order to make the best possible use of the available space.

With a payload of 3 tonnes and a transport platform of 3000 x 1200 mm, the Remmert AGV is one of the most highly performing automated guided vehicles for heavy and bulky goods.

The AGV can be equipped with various superstructures (roller conveyor, pulling technology, scissor lift table) for load transfer and take-over, making it ideal for transporting sheet metal/flat goods, long goods and large-volume semi-finished products.

Product highlights at a glance

  • Large loading platform of 3000 x 1200 mm; maximum payload of 3 tonnes
  • 200 mm lifting strut to accommodate loads; can be configured with various superstructures (scissor lift table, roller conveyor, pulling technology)
  • Navigation and all-round protection via LIDAR sensors; no elaborate guidance aids required
  • Omni-directional driving in all directions
  • Long battery life and autonomous docking at the charging station
  • Intelligent fleet management, fully integrated into Remmert SMART Control

The advantages of automated guided vehicle systems for production & logistics

Flexible production planning

Break free from rigid and space-consuming processes and make ideal use of every square metre.

Reliable and safe transport

Put an end to incorrect deliveries and accidents. The AGV safely transports the goods to the right place at the right time.

Easy integration into your structures

Use existing travel paths without any conversion measures and connect the control system to your IT.

Rapid return on investment (ROI)

Deploy specialist personnel where they are really needed and optimise the use of your space.

Complete transparency and control

Keep track of all transport orders and capacity utilisation and continuously improve your intralogistics.

Flexible spatial and production planning

Flexibility in production planning: The AGVS lets you break free from linear production processes. Rigid conveyors are replaced by autonomous automated guided vehicles (AGVs), allowing machining centres and storage locations to be positioned more freely and accessed in an order-related manner. Production processes as a whole can be organised much more flexibly, e.g. as matrix production.

More efficient spatial planning: The vehicles’ omnidirectional movement and up to 50% smaller footprint compared to transport with forklift trucks enable space-saving planning of the production areas and travel paths. You can virtually eliminate the costly conversion or expansion measures required with other intralogistics concepts, as every square metre of hall space is utilised in the best possible way.

Transport efficiency: Automated fleet and order management enables ongoing optimisation of internal transport routes. Fluctuating transport utilisation can be immediately adjusted.

Reliable and safe transport

Automated flow of goods: The master controller defines load transfer/take-over points and calculates loading times, travel times and travel paths to suit the transport flow in advance. Goods are transferred or taken over in a reliable and punctual manner. Incorrect deliveries practically never occur.

Autonomous transport: LIDAR sensors on the vehicles allow them to navigate autonomously to the destinations. Since the vehicles can position with a precision of +/- 10 mm (goods transfer station: +/- 2-3mm), automatic load transfer/take-over functions smoothly.

Occupational safety and health: As sensors automatically detect any obstacles within a range of 360° around the vehicles, occupational accidents and the associated consequences (personal injury, loss of production, etc.) are avoided.

Easy integration into existing structures

IT integration: SMART Control as the master controller of the AGVS is optimally equipped for integration into existing IT systems. The AGVS thus communicates with the production control and the warehouse management system (WMS) and takes over the automated flow of goods. Communication with the vehicles is via the company WLAN.

Driving routes: The AGVs navigate easily within existing structures. As a rule, driving aisles and paths can be taken over 1:1 and even optimised. Thanks to the LIDAR navigation technology, path and position markings are not necessary, which means that the routes can be adjusted at any time.

Adapted handling technology: Every company has a very different load transfer and takeover situation. As the Remmert AGV can be equipped with various superstructures (roller conveyor, pulling technology, scissor lift table), goods can be loaded automatically.

Rapid return on investment (ROI)

Optimised CAPEX: More flexible spatial and production planning allows better hall space utilisation. New buildings or conversions can be minimised or even avoided.

Significantly lower OPEX: Compared to classic industrial trucks, the operating costs for automated guided vehicle systems are significantly lower – particularly in multi-shift operations. Specialised personnel can be deployed in a more targeted and efficient manner where they are really needed.

Complete transparency and control

Transparency: The fleet and order management in SMART Control provides a comprehensive overview of production status as well as the manual scheduling and prioritisation of transport orders. The SMART Board allows visualisation of the actual state both on site and remotely.

Control: As SMART Control makes it possible to precisely determine AGVS utilisation, the AGVS can be continuously optimised and better planned as time goes on.


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