we make material flow

At Remmert, we are the professionals for intralogistics processes. We ensure maximum productivity for our customers with our automated storage systems, automation, and software solutions. Our core competence is understanding the individual requirements of our customers. This is what sets Remmert solutions apart from the competition: a perfect fit, designed for years of continuous operation, modular for efficient adaptability, and open to systems with a high level of integration capability.

Open to new intra-logistics ideas

Our objective is to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and efficient solutions for automated storage systems, sorting of metals and profiles, and the entire material transport process within production. This enables us to enhance performance throughout the entire process.

Modular systems: for smart solutions in process automation

Our standardized modular component system is the key to efficient material flow and, therefore, optimum added value. All the components we offer are compact, highly user-friendly, and designed for maximum efficiency.

Fully flexible thanks to manufacturer-independent systems

Our machines and software modules can be used in conjunction with processing machines from all major manufacturers. This allows our customers to adjust and optimize the material flow with precision at any time, even if the machinery changes. The result is maximum flexibility and maximum design freedom.







As a reliable partner in intralogistics, we support production companies with innovative solutions to maximize their process efficiency.


„We take pride in our company and recognize the contributions of many individuals over several generations. Their vision, risk-taking, and opportunity-seizing have helped Remmert become a thriving, internationally operating family business. We are proud to have set the course for sustainable growth for future generations.“

Our Values and Maxims


Our solutions are innovative and ahead of the market, as are our internal processes and methods. We demonstrate courage and perseverance in the application of new technologies. We are always aware of market trends. In collaboration with colleagues, customers, and partners, we develop new approaches, efficient processes, and smart innovations that bring us and our customers decisive advantages.


We go beyond environmental protection and act responsibly. Our company was founded as a craft business and has grown and matured continuously, driven by a passion for automation and a commitment to our employees, their families, and the region. We believe that future generation prosperity is more important than short-term success. 


We adhere to the principle of keeping our promises because we recognise that there is no substitute for enthusiastic customers. The satisfaction of our customers is the driving force behind everything we do. This commitment is evident from the initial conversation and is reflected in all our interactions and actions throughout the product lifecycle. 


We win and lose as a team, with the objective of achieving the best result in every situation. We face challenges with commitment and work together to find solutions and compromises. This approach fosters a strong bond with colleagues, business partners, and customers, regardless of their social and cultural background. 


We communicate with customers and colleagues in an honest and respectful manner. We value the performance of others and consider their opinions in our decision-making process. We support each other through challenges and celebrate successes together.

„Our growth has always been characterized by a family-like understanding of togetherness and cooperation based on partnership - both with our employees and with our customers and partners. Fairness, reliability and mutual trust always arise from this basic attitude.These are the things that carry a company through all times and mark wonderful family celebrations.“

Awards, Certificates, Commitment

Social Commitment

Our customers do not receive gifts and sweets at Christmas. Instead, we invest in social and sustainable projects. Every year, we select various regional institutions and support them in raising the funds they need.

Sports Promotion

At Remmert, we are passionate about sports. We organize various company sports events and provide financial support to our employees for gym memberships. Additionally, we support the youth work of local sports clubs financially or by providing necessary materials.