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Remmert GmbH

  • Brunnenstraße 113, 32584 Löhne, Germany

    Remmert GmbH Brunnenstraße 113, 32584 Löhne, Germany

General management

  • Matthias Remmert

    Mr. Matthias Remmert

    Managing Director

  • Stephan Remmert

    Mr. Stephan Remmert

    Managing Director

International sales

Sales Germany

  • Frank Baudach

    Mr. Frank Baudach

    Head of Sales

  • Karsten Kipka

    Mr. Karsten Kipka

    Project manager RetroFit

  • Alexander Reuss

    Mr. Alexander Reuss

    Sales Southern and Eastern Germany

Internal sales

  • Darja Cesnokov

    Mrs. Darja Cesnokov

    Internal sales

  • Katja Knollmann

    Mrs. Katja Knollmann

    Internal sales

Purchasing, Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Alexander Bese

    Mr. Alexander Bese

    Head of Purchasing

  • Arndt Fischer

    Mr. Arndt Fischer

    Head of Manufacture

  • Gerd Hartsieker

    Mr. Gerd Hartsieker

    Project manager

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