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Maximum Automation of Laser Cutting Processes

19 min

The efficiency of laser cutting processes depends to a large degree on the material flow upstream and downstream of the laser cutting machines. Marius Maskos and Frank Baudach from Remmert describe the maximum level of automation - from the raw sheet to the cut part. The focus is on the relatively new application of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). This results in new possibilities for efficient production and personnel planning.

Space-saving Storage of Large Sheet Metal Quantities

8 min

Sheet metal in 4020 format is becoming more and more interesting for sheet metal processors and steel traders. In the webcast, Fabian Gries and Tobias Thümer from Remmert describe the reasons for the trend as well as requirements and possibilities for space-saving storage of 4020 format sheets combined with 3015 sheets.

Sorting sheet metal parts

13 min

In practice, the sorting of cut parts after the laser cutting process is still mostly done by hand. Robotics and automation solutions promise relief for this unergonomic activity. In the webcast, Philipp Buff and Fabian Gries from Remmert give an overview of the challenges, influencing factors and technical solutions.