Sorting robot for metal saw machines

Automatic handling of saw blanks


Sorting robot for manned material trnasport.

The clear advantage of AMASORT

The sorting robot sorts up to 50 kg of heavy saw cuttings fully automatically and enables the manual material removal of oversized saw cuttings up to 1,000 kg and with a segment length of 300 to 1,500 mm - whether round or square edged, solid or hollow.
AMASORT thus enables efficient and fast handling for your saw cuttings.

Fully automated sorting

The modular automation solution consists of a hydraulic gantry grip, conveying technology and a 6-axis robot. The sorting robot is controlled by the Remmert software PROsort. Fully automatic. It defines which piece is put where and selects the respective reception tool.
Remmert has developed the sorting robot, AMASORT, in close cooperation with the machine and tool manufacturer, AMADA, for the automation of the AMADA band saw PCSAW 430.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Modular construction: hydraulic gantry grips, conveying technology, 6-axis robot
  • Fully automated sorting of up to 50 kg of heavy sawn pieces (segment length: 10 - 750 mm)
  • Manual material removal of heavy sawn sections up to 1,000 kg (segment length: 300 - 1,500 mm)
  • Tool changing system with specially adapted gripping tools and vacuum suction devices
  • Sorting software: PROsort
  • Sorting speed per part: under 20 seconds

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