ASRS for Thick Sheet Metal

Maximum productivity of thermal CNC cutting machines for thick sheets and steel plates through automation and buffer storage


Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) for thick sheet metal and steel plates

MAMMUT is the automated storage and retrieval system for the efficient material flow of thick sheets and steel plates in thermal cutting processes. The system buffers and handles entire shuttle tables with raw sheets and cut sheets up to 6t and 6000 x 3000 mm. The capacity utilization of thermal CNC cutting systems such as plasma, oxyfuel and laser cutting machines for large formats can thus be extended to a 24/7 maximum at low manpower requirements.

MAMMUT System Components

  • Storage for buffering shuttle tables before/after the cutting process
  • Stacker Crane
  • System integration hardware/software with cutting machines
  • Goods receiving station for manual loading (e.g. by crane)
  • Outgoing goods station for sorting of cut parts
  • WMS Warehouse Management System with intuitive dashboard and ERP integration

Benefits for thermal CNC cutting processes of thick metal sheets

High productivity

The automatic and fast exchange of shuttle tables on the CNC machines reduces unproductive waiting time of the systems to a minimum. Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) increases significantly.

Efficient production planning

CNC production jobs can be planned and prepared for the longer term. The CNC machines automatically pull the next job from the buffer stock.

Effective use of staff

By buffering production orders, the cycle for pre- and post-processing no longer depends on the machine. The loading of new sheets or the sorting can take place in a more controlled and concentrated manner.

Manufacturer-independent integration

All Remmert systems are open for the integration of different machine manufacturers and IT systems. Changing the cutting machine type is also possible without any problems.

Modular expandability

The modular MAMMUT system can also be extended afterwards, e.g. with additional storage blocks or extension of the automation line for integration of further cutting machines.

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