Logistics software PRO WMS

Wareheouse management for your storage management.

PRO WMS Professional - the basic package for pros

Our PRO WMS contains all fundamental functions for inventory management, as well as storage and retrieval of your materials.
It is used when the supply of the processing machines is controlled by the warehouse management software. The system supplies the machines with material and takes over the storage of the processed parts in the warehouse. The control of further processing steps and processes is not possible.

PRO WMS Professional - your optimal storage management

  • Master data
  • Inventory check
  • Incoming goods (IG) and outgoing goods (OG)
  • Quick order entry
  • Diagnosis and visualisation
  • Load management
  • Inventory
  • Print functions on all screens
  • Export function (PDF, Excel)
  • Open linking of individual program areas
  • Optional: HOST interface

PRO WMS Enterprise - inventory management for complex tasks

PRO WMS Enterprise is the second building block of our logistics software. A processing machine can be directly connected to the warehouse utilising the system to request material from the warehouse using a data interface.
PRO WMS Enterprise is the most comprehensive solution for the connection and control of machines. The software system controls and optimises all storage systems and processing units - fully automated, semi-automated or manually operated. Your HOST system forwards all production orders including the following work processes to PRO WMS Enterprise. The software supplies the machines with materials and work orders. Also, PRO WMS Enterprise optimises and controls all further work processes.

PRO WMS Enterprise - second expansion stage

  • All PRO WMS professional functions
  • Incoming goods with control station
  • Outgoing goods with control station
  • Commissioning
  • Separate workplace
  • Booking of further orders for containers at the workstation
  • Storage overviews (reports)
  • Basic model for label printing
  • HOST interface
  • Multi-stock capability
  • Management of manual storage areas
  • Multi-client capability
  • Inventory and order attributes
  • Quality assurance module
  • Machine connection

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