BASIC Tower sheet metal

Are you looking for a space-saving storage system for small quantities of sheet metal and flat goods?
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Remmert BASIC Tower sheet metal

Perfect for anyone looking for a compact storage system for small quantities of sheet metal and flat goods.
Quick, efficient, intuitive.

BASIC Tower sheet metal - for small quantities of sheet metal and flat goods

  • Optimal storage solution for sheet metal in small quantities
  • High storage density through compact construction
  • Quick, secure and ergonomic preparation of the materials
  • Suitable for direct placement next to a sheet metal processing machine
  • Intuitive system control using touch operation

BASIC Tower sheet metal - our standardised solution for low storage quantities

  • Flexible number of storage levels up to a total height of 7,250 mm
  • Load capacity per pallet: 3,000 kg
  • Loading height per pallet up to 90 mm, loading height for multiple loading up to 270 mm (320 mm)
  • Direct selection of the pallet using a touch panel
  • Half or fully automated (optional) operation
  • Very quick assembly through simple plug and run concept
  • Short delivery time

Impressions of our work

Our service - the Remmert service contract

Here, we put a real emphasis on After Sales. That’s why we developed the Remmert service contract. So you can guarantee the availability of your systems, your individual telephone support and the quickest possible on-site service.

Convincing results

  • 70 % reduction of storage space
  • 80 % reduction of handling time
  • 100 % material-protecting storage
  • 100 % improvement of material handling for the manufacture process
  • 100 % Remmert quality

Our individual solution for your specific requirements

  • Steel racking with 14-33 (14-26) storage levels incl. protective elements
  • 1 pallet per storage level
  • Lifting traverse with drawing technology
  • Material shelf including end stops
  • Operating mode: semi-automatic
  • Control panel including control technology
  • Assembly by you employees
  • Set up and briefing by Remmert
  • Delivery from factory, fees

Your options

  • Height of 3,365 (4,640) mm to 7,285 (7,400) mm
  • Operating mode: fully automatic
  • Complete assembly by Remmert
  • Delivery free to the door

Technical specifications

System dimensions for BASIC Tower sheet metal

Storage levelsSystem height 3015System height 4020
143,865 mm4,640 mm
154,045 mm4,870 mm
164,225 mm5,100 mm
174,405 mm5,330 mm
184,585 mm5,560 mm
194,765 mm5,790 mm
204,945 mm6,020 mm
215,125 mm6,250 mm
225,305 mm6,480 mm
235,485 mm6,710 mm
245,665 mm6,940 mm
255,845 mm7,170 mm
266,025 mm7,400 mm
276,205 mm
286,385 mm
296,565 mm
306,745 mm
316,925 mm
327,105 mm
337,285 mm

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