Sorting robot for laser cutting machines

Automatic sorting of laser-cut parts


Your sorting robot for fully automated sorting.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • 6-axis bending arm robot from KUKA
  • Tool changing system with pneumatic and magnetic standard tools
  • Maximum load: 420 kg (including recording tool)
  • Thickness of the laser cut parts: 3–15 mm

Flexibility during sorting

The flexible robot applications sort almost any part geometry you want. Particular highlight: On the basis of the nesting plan of your laser cutter, the Remmert software tool makes a connection between the part of the goods and the sorting tool - 100 % offline.

Transported, sorted, removed

  • Average sorting speed per piece: 20 seconds (including all auxiliary times)
  • Robot radius: adapted to your requirements
  • Remaining grid removal: horizontal stacking
  • Sorting software: Remmert-PROsort

Reducing your costs

LaserSORT guarantees secure processes and the highest efficiency in sheet metal processing. The 6-axis bending arm robot lies unused sheets on the changing table of the laser machine, sorts the completed parts into different load carriers and removes the remaining grid - in a fully automated way.
Reduce your unit costs with LaserSORT: As the robot only sorts for about half as long as a laser cuts, many of our customers decide to use the robot for two machines at the same time.

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