Bridge storage systems

Are you looking for a flexible storage system for long goods?
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Bridge storage system from Remmert

Perfect for anyone looking for an efficient storage system for long goods.
Compact, flexible, economic.

All system advantages at a glance

  • Compact construction for efficient storage density
  • Quick change of material at the operating stations
  • Modular construction of all components
  • Reduced material handling due to integrated conveyor technology/handling systems
  • Intuitive operation
  • Self-supporting, individually fitted cartridges
  • Expandable - the bridge storage system grows with your requirements

Economical and individual

  • Flexible quantity and locations for stations
  • Expansion with PICK-System for a fully automated sawing cell
  • Branch independent
  • The storage system is fully integrated into your production process
  • Optional: roof- and wall-bearing construction
  • Optionally: tunnel variant for space saving machine integration
  • Optional: integrated weighing technology (permanent inventory function)

Impressions of our work

Our service - your direct line to us

To avoid downtime effectively, contact the specialist Remmert service team whenever you need them, seven days a week. Together we will locate the fault in your system and support you in repairing the problem. If this is not possible right away, we will of course join you on site as quickly as possible.

Convincing results

  • 60 % reduction of storage space
  • 75 % time savings during material handling
  • 100 % planning certainty due to intelligent inventory management
  • 100 % manufacturer-independent integration of processing machines
  • 100 % future-proof due to a modular system

Totally future-proof

The compact construction and high flexibility offer our customers enormous time and space savings and 100 % future-proofness.

Efficient process technology

Optimise your storage system with our intelligent logistics software for efficient warehouse management!

Technical specifications

Honeycomb and bridge storage in comparison

Honeycomb storage systemsBridge storage systems
Storage sizeStorage location400 – ∞80 – 1,000
Load capacity/Storage locationkg1,000 – 5,0001,000 – 5,000
Useable storage lengthmm3,300 – 7,2004,300 – 12,500
Useable storage heightmm200 - 639200 - 500 (3t) / 490 (5t)
Useable storage widthmmbis 700500 - 800
Max. System heightm3030
Driving speedm/minmax. 12050 – 100
Lifting speedm/min28 – 4032 – 50
Pulling speedm/min9032
Combined loading in and outDSH30 – 6015 – 30
Warehouse management system PRO WMSstandardoptional
HOST connectionoptionaloptional
Integration of production machinesoptionaloptional
Matthias Remmert

“Due to the compact construction and high flexibility with which this system is integrated in the complex production processes of our customers, we always emphasise our competence in automatic storage technology for long goods and offer our customers measurable advantages in their production.”

Matthias Remmert,
Remmert GmbH & Co. KG

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