Automated storage and retrieval systems for special formats

Customized solutions for stock goods with special requirements

ASRS solutions for individual requirements

When goods do not fit into the standard pallet dimensions, our automated storage and retrieval systems are the ones you need. Convincing in unsurpassed variability and adaptability.

Special size stacker crane

Remmert offers stacker cranes in different performance classes, combined with various storage shapes. These ASRS solutions are particularly suitable for heavy and bulky goods with or without pallets. The design and features of the racking systems and stacker cranes can be customized.

  • Cassette storage and cantilever racks in bridge storage design with overrunning stacker crane
  • Tower racking system / tray storage with lengthways moving stacker crane
  • Honeycomb storage system for storage cassettes with cross-running stacker crane

Tower rack systems with variable stockyards

Tower racks are ideal for storing flat goods such as sheet metal or plywood panels. Due to the possibility of variable storage levels, this storage technology is also ideal for large-volume goods. The storage towers, which can be up to 25 m high, can be designed for goods with or without pallets. Instead of fixed shelves, up to 6,000 x 2,000 mm trays are used, which are moved by stacker cranes. In this way, goods weighing up to six tons and with oversize can be stored at variable heights in a space-saving and fully automated manner.


ASRS for plastic sheets and thermoforming tools

Thermodyne is an expert supplier of transport and packaging solutions. The company produces plastic-made transport boxes, trolleys and cases using the thermoforming process. For the storage of the thermoplastic sheets as well as the molding tools, the company uses an automated storage and retrieval system from Remmert. In this way, sheets, tools and other goods can be stored close to production, with space savings, low personnel requirements, and quickly available.

ASRS for corrugated cardboard

MINDA is an expert in special machine construction that manufactures innovative and customized solutions for in-house material transport. Remmert was assigned to develop an automated storage and retrieval system that works without pallets and can handle voluminous bulks directly and without tools. For this purpose, we were able to develop a software solution from our modular system that integrates existing elements of MINDA into a powerful and automated intralogistics system.

Cassette Storage for Stainless Steel Profiles

Schlüter-Systems KG is the world's leading supplier of tile accessories. The company uses special storage cassettes for the in-house logistics of high-quality tile finishing rails. Two bridge storage systems and a high-bay warehouse from Remmert are central elements for reliable distribution logistics integrated into the highly automated material flow.

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