Tailored services - effectively prevent warehouse downtime

Remmert supports intralogistics customers with comprehensive support and personal contact

The machine was working a moment ago, but after an unexpected glitch warehouse operations have come to a halt. In situations like these customers that use a Remmert system can rely on a comprehensive service. True to the motto "We make material flow", as an expert for integrated material flow concepts as well as intelligent automation and logistics solutions we are committed to avoiding and quickly eliminating downtime. The key factor in this is the know-how that Remmert has accumulated over decades in the machine and plant construction industry. On that basis users can configure their service package and other services according to their individual needs.

Comprehensive expertise and personal contact

After-sales service starts as soon as a Remmert warehouse solution is commissioned. As a manufacturer we have always attached great importance to personal contact and clear, customer-oriented communication with our users. If there are any queries or problems the Remmert hotline is always the first port of call. With the appropriate service package the team is available around the clock, seven days a week. Customers can be advised over the telephone anywhere in the world. In addition, hotline service technicians have the option of remotely accessing the customer’s systems. Since they are easy to operate and repairs are intuitive, a phone call is often enough to solve problems. If this is not enough, a service technician will be sent to the customer as quickly as possible. There are also reliable solutions for the delivery of individual spare parts: Remmert tests components from well-known manufacturers itself and guarantees their availability over a period of ten years. If components are no longer available, they can be individually replaced with modular products. In addition, customers can book training courses for their employees at Remmert so that they are better informed and can operate the machines more effectively.

Ensure plant availability with predictive maintenance

Remmert proactively carries out system maintenance at regular intervals in order to prevent downtime in advance. Each component is designed to be easy to service. Service technicians have a complete overview of the condition of the system, so they can formulate comprehensive analyses and assessments for each assembly. They can use this to take direct measures or recommend upgrades. Remmert ensures that the machines meet all the relevant standards and provides them with the appropriate test mark. Maintenance intervals are designed to be flexible so that operations at the customer's production site can be maintained without disruptions and planned cost-effectively and prudently. Customers also receive a twelve-month warranty on equipment, which can be extended to up to 24 months. In addition, appropriate service packages can be booked which guarantee secure operation during the warranty period and over the entire service life of the system. The offer is supplemented with individual maintenance contracts, which can be arranged on demand.

Flexible contract models for tailor-made service

Fast, uncomplicated and from a single source: Remmert offers a complete package of services and plant concepts. The actual requirements are determined together with the customer. Then they can choose a suitable package. “For our customers, the availability of their equipment is a crucial criterion for the success of their business model,” explains Robert Klameth, Service Manager at Remmert. “To make sure we leave nothing to chance, we have established comprehensive remote service as well as the fastest possible on-site service as the main pillars of our service portfolio.”