Norsk Staal automated storage process

Maximum efficiency for long goods and sheet metal. Finally more capacity for adding value in storage and production. Norsk Staal, one of the leading steel and metal distributors in Norway, will soon be integrating a new automatic storage system from Friedrich Remmert GmbH. The system enables the company to combine the stocking of around 10,000 tonnes of long goods and 5,000 sheets of metal. The storage and material flow concept is designed so that it can simultaneously commission and adjust - without losing its efficiency.

Companies that stock large quantities of long and flat goods conventionally on the floor or on shelves usually have to deal with a real space problem. The solution is so often right under their noses. Norsk Staal is combatting this challenge with an automatic honeycomb storage system, which is being installed in Summer 2015. Thanks to the densely compacted design of the system and a storage height of 20 m, the Norwegian steel and metal distributor can stock around 15,000 material tonnes on 760 m2 of floor space. The special features of this: both long goods and sheet metal can be stored in the ’honeycomb’. Norsk Staal can thus kill two birds with one stone.

Combined storage according to concepts

The storage manufacturer Remmert ensures unlimited access to stocked materials with its patemed combi-drawing technology. This supports all storage and manufacture processes at Norsk Staal that follow a single concept according to the storage goods. Sheets of metal for commissioning are prepared by the storage and retrieval machine at one of the loading stations provided for this. The employees remove the sheet metal boards in the formats 3015 and 4020 precisely by piece and subsequently transport them by crane to the packing department. The result is a quick task processing with minimal use of resources.

The long goods clients of Norsk Staal usually request their material adjusted. So Remmert has designed the storage system so that processing machines can connect to the storage system manufacturer-independently. A total of three saws will group with the ‘honeycomb’ in future. To design the work process smoothly, their feeding happens at each loading station. Long goods, made from raw material are stored in a separate commissioning station at Norsk Staal. Thanks to the automated processes, the steel and metal distributor achieves an availability of around 98% after storage integration. Norsk Staak has had a turnover increase of 100 percent for long goods and sheet metal.

Information Remmert honeycomb storage system at Norsk Staal

  • Storage key figures: 36.8 m x 20.65 m x 20 m (L x W x H)
  • 2,000 storage spaces for long goods at 5 tonnes
  • 1,600 storage spaces for sheet metal at 3 tonnes (3015, 4020)
    • Sheet metal cartridge with inner measurements of 6.70 m (applies to 2 packets 4020)

  • 5 storage stations:
    • 1 station for loading and commissioning sheet metal
    • 4 stations for long goods. 1 station for loading and commissioning, 3 stations with connection to processing machines

  • Combi storage and retrieval machine for long goods and sheet metal
  • PRO WMS Professional (including interface for SAP)