Blechexpo 2015

Remmert presents new handling solutions. Fully automatic laser feeding with Remmert Laser Laser FLEX 4.0. At the Blechexpo 2015, Remmert dedicates its efficiency guarantors in the production environment. At stand 1710 in hall 1, the company presents their new robot application Laser FLEX 4.0 - currently the fastest solution on the market for fully automated feeding of laser systems. Further highlights are the BASIC tower sheet metal and the Remmert sheet metal storage system. Both storage systems can be individually configurated and expanded using the connection with the Laser FLEX 4.0 to the fully automated sheet metal manufacturing unit.

With the Laser FLEX 4.0, Remmert is making a contribution to an increase in efficiency in laser-supported manufacture. Through the use of two self-sufficient automation untis, the feeding of processing machines is decoupled: After cutting the sheet metal, the fork unit of the system lifts the processed metal sheet from the laser’s changing table. At the same time, the vacuum unit picks up a new board from the connected storage system. As soon as the remover places the sheet back down or sets it next to the machine, the supplier attaches the new sheet to the laser. The whole process takes just 60 seconds. The handling solutions is designed for sheet metal in the formats 3015 and 4020. Thanks to standard interfaces for SPS and IT, several lasers can be integrated manufacturer-independently at the same time and be supplied in parrallel.

Remmert Laser FLEX 4.0 + Remmert storage technology = pure efficiency

Remmert has also designed the connection between the Laser FLEX 4.0 and the storage technology in a flexible way. In combination with the Remmert BASIC tower for small quantities of sheet metal in single or double tower designs, the system can be used as a smart manufacturing unit in the direct production environment. The connection to the universally useable Remmert sheet metal storage system is also arranged for. Through the use of several Laser FLEX units, the robot application enables the extension to fully automated sheet metal manufacture cells.

Information Remmert Laser FLEX 4.0

  • Designed for sheet metal in the formats 3015 and 4020
  • Fork unit as the remover
  • Vacuum unit as the supplier
  • Standard interface for SPS and IT
  • Connects to several processing machines

Information Remmert BASIC tower sheet metal

  • Construction as single or double tower
  • 14 - 33 storage levels per storage tower
  • 3,000 kg load capacity per pallet
  • Loading height per pallet up to 90 or 270 mm
  • Short delivery and assembly time

Information Remmert sheet metal storage system

  • High storage density through compact construction
  • Expansion system
  • Fully automatic stocking of all formats
  • Layout as a double line system