Remmert named top innovator

Remmert GmbH took part in the Top 100 competition for the first time and was immediately awarded as top innovator in its size class. For the innovative medium-sized company from Löhne in North Rhine-Westphalia, the award is further proof that it is on the right track with its company philosophy focused on continuous further development. On June 24, 2022, a personal tribute will be given by the science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar, the mentor of the Top 100 competition.

In 2021, companies from all over Germany were able to apply for the TOP 100 innovation competition – held for the 19th time. The search was on to find the most innovative companies in the Federal Republic of Germany. Based on more than 100 innovation indicators from the five categories of innovation-promoting top management, innovation climate, innovative processes and organisation, external orientation / open innovation and innovative success, the innovation researcher Prof. Dr Nikolaus Franke and his team determined the 100 most innovative companies in each of three size classes. A scientifically sound analysis of the submitted applications should answer the question of whether innovation in a company arises by chance or is systematically planned and can thus be repeated in the future. The evaluation also took into account whether new products can hold their own on the market. Remmert GmbH was able to impress the jury of its innovative strength.

For Remmert it was the first participation in the TOP 100 competition. “Innovation has always been part of our DNA. My great-grandfather founded the company 77 years ago as a construction and art locksmith. Today, we’re one of the largest intralogistics specialists for the metalworking industry in Germany. With our products, we regularly set new standards in our segment. We’re constantly questioning our processes and looking for optimisation potential internally too. For instance, we’re currently focusing heavily on digitalisation. Now we wanted to take on the challenge of having our innovative strength analysed and evaluated by an independent body. The question of whether we want to participate in the TOP 100 competition was therefore quickly answered with a big yes within Management and also among staff,“ commented Managing Director Stephan Remmert on the decision to participate in the TOP 100 innovation competition. Matthias Remmert, also Managing Director of the company, adds: “But the fact that we did so well at the first attempt and received the award as a TOP innovator makes us a little proud”.

Recently, a driverless transport system Remmert’s highly automated storage and handling systems. The company also focuses on innovation in the area of software and interfaces to other machines and has grown with the course to become one of the most profitable system integrators for metalworking processes. “The TOP 100 award now also confirms us in our innovation course. The success is due above all to our employees. They’re the ones who work every day to put our visions into practice and they’re the ones who make innovation tangible,” declared Stephan Remmert.

According to Prof. Dr Nikolaus Franke, the scientific director of TOP 100, only the most innovative medium-sized companies receive the seal. For him, the seal is a confirmation that the winners are “excellently equipped for future challenges.”

On June 24, 2022, the Innovation Award will be presented by Ranga Yogeshwar at the German SME Summit. For eleven years he has been the mentor of the annual TOP 100 competition. At Remmert GmbH, this date has already been firmly entered in the calendar.