Efficient Warehouse Logistics for Steel Products


When large quantities of steel products need to be stored in a space-optimized manner and made available quickly, Remmert is the right partner. Our storage and automation solutions ensure efficient intralogistics and short delivery times for well-known steel manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Warehouses for Long Goods

For all those with big plans: Remmert honeycomb warehouses ensure fast and material-friendly access to several thousand article positions. The storage and retrieval machine with energy recovery brings your long goods fully automatically to the ergonomically optimised picking stations. In this way you can impress your customers with fast and error-free deliveries with a minimum of personnel.

Storage Systems for Sheet Metal

Automating sheet metal storage in your company is the next step towards greater competitiveness: Automated storage technology for sheet metal and other flat goods from Remmert provides you with more storage capacity per m² and faster goods movements - with significantly less personnel. Storage and retrieval machines and storage towers specially adapted to the typical sheet metal formats ensure safe and gentle handling.

Pick & Place Robotics

Separating, picking, palletizing: Automated pick & place processes with robot application ensure a fast, safe and low-personnel material flow. For flat and long goods as well as metal parts, we use 2- to 7-axis robotic solutions that are individually adapted to customer requirements in each project.

References & Use Cases

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