Efficient Logistics Solutions
for the Window & Door Manufacturing Industry

In the production of windows, doors and facade elements, the processing of long profiles made of plastic, aluminum or wood is one of the central production steps. Remmert offers customized storage and picking solutions for efficient profile intralogistics.

Storage Systems for Long Goods

Efficient production of windows, doors, facade elements, and sun/insect protection systems depends on central storage and rapid provision of long goods such as plastic or aluminum profiles. Remmert's long goods storage systems are the solution. Adapted to formats, they improve work processes, reduce damage to material and people, and deploy personnel more efficiently. The automatic storage and retrieval technology improves ergonomics and safety during handling.

Customized Storage Solutions

Sometimes that certain something makes the difference to the perfect storage system. Remmert is the right partner when it comes to storing and handling heavy and bulky goods. Based on our modular system, we work with you in our engineering department to develop the solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

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