Automation Solutions for Job Order Production

More than almost any other industry, metal fabricators need to focus on production efficiency and competitiveness. The high level of market transparency and dynamism requires a machine park that can react flexibly to changing requirements and is powerful for high productivity. This is exactly what Remmert systems are made for.

Storage Systems for Sheet Metal

Automating sheet metal storage in your company is the next step towards greater competitiveness: Automated storage technology for sheet metal and other flat goods from Remmert provides you with more storage capacity per m² and faster goods movements - with significantly lower personnel requirements. Storage and retrieval machines and storage towers specially adapted to the typical sheet metal formats ensure safe and gentle handling.

Laser Automation

The LaserFLEX gantry robotic solution for automatic loading and unloading of laser cutting systems maximizes the productivity of laser cutting processes. LaserFLEX can be used universally for almost all laser types from different manufacturers and can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements.

Bridge Storage for Long Goods

Remmert bridge storage systems are among the storage systems with the highest storage density. The system is characterized by a small footprint, plenty of space for long goods and non-palletized, heavy parts as well as a high degree of adaptability. A must-have for steel distributors and manufacturers with high demands for fast order picking of a wide variety of items.

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