Industry Specific Solutions

Our solutions are in demand wherever raw materials, metals, and workpieces are stored, processed, and moved. We cater specifically to the special requirements of the various industries.

Machinery & Plant Engineering

The requirements for intralogistics in mechanical and plant engineering are as diverse as the industry itself. With our modular storage and material flow solutions, we offer customized concepts for the metalworking industry - from universal laser automation to individual lean storage systems.

Windows & Doors Production

In the production of windows, doors and building facade elements, the processing of long profiles made of plastic, aluminum or wood is one of the central production steps. Remmert offers customized storage and picking solutions for efficient profile intralogistics.

Job Order Production

Job stores in the metal construction industry must focus on production efficiency and competitiveness above all else. The high market transparency and dynamics require a machine park that can react flexibly to changing requirements and is powerful for high productivity. Remmert systems are precisely what you need for this.

Steel Trading

If you need to store large quantities of steel products in a space-optimized manner and make them available quickly, Remmert is the right partner. Our storage and automation solutions ensure efficient intralogistics, short delivery times, and satisfied customers for well-known steel distributors worldwide.