Universal Laser Cutting Center
for 1 - 4 Laser Machines

All-In-One Solutions

When it comes to bringing highly productive laser cutting centers in line with individual requirements, our sheet metal storage and automation solutions offer the perfect boost. The Remmert modular system offers numerous options for perfect integration into your environment. Plus, with complete freedom of choice when it comes to software and laser cutting machines, you can truly make your cutting center your own.

Remmert's storage and automation solutions are the perfect choice for your needs. Their modular design makes them flexible to use in any layout and suitable for integration with all machine manufacturers. Subsequent extensions or changes of machine type are possible without any problems.


We call this Multiversal.

The FLEX Modules for Laser Cutting Center at a Glance

Automated tower and rack storage with storage and retrieval machine (SRM) for sheet metal

  • High capacity, modularly expandable
  • Storage of raw sheets, remnants or as buffer storage for cut sheets

The fastest solution for fully automatic loading and unloading of laser cutting systems

  • Reduced downtimes of the processing machine
  • Connection of several laser systems in a chain arrangement

Conveyor belt for manual sorting of laser-cut parts and scrap skeletons

  • Selectable belt height for back-friendly posture
  • Intuitive operation and therefore short training times

Automated guided vehicle system for the autonomous transportation of sheet metal

  • Simple integration into existing structures
  • Facilitates the spatial separation of storage systems and processing stations

Sorting robot for fully automatic sorting of laser-cut parts

  • Reduced personnel costs for sorting
  • Increased productivity due to separate cutting and sorting lines

Intuitive control and WMS in one solution

  • Warehouse management and control in one system
  • Interface to processing machines from various manufacturers
Laser automation moves a sheet out of a storage tower

“All in all, we are very satisfied with the result and the entire project process. We are very happy about the partnership with Remmert.”


Ber Van Nobelen
Owner Nobels BV

Good Reasons for Automation in Sheet Metal Production with Remmert

Speed & 


The speed and precision of modern CNC cutting machines is unsurpassed. In order to quickly recoup the high investment costs of the machines, high machine utilization and thus automation of the material flow is essential. Remmert automation solutions are among the fastest on the market.

Quality &


When purchasing a product at a low price, it is important to consider the long-term costs. The saying "you buy twice" is often true, and we at Remmert understand this. That is why we rely on highly trained specialists and quality components in our systems. This investment pays off, as our systems are often still in operation when the second or third generation of a laser machine is already connected. If you are considering changing manufacturers, our service department is there to help you.


If you do not yet know how your business will be structured in five to ten years' time, it is advisable to maintain flexibility. Remmert is the optimal choice for this. Our systems are not merely catalog products; they are flexible modular systems. Furthermore, we respond to your wishes and special requirements in our engineering, striving to find the best solution. This flexibility is not found in any catalog.

System Openness

In the software industry, open source represents maximum flexibility and openness in the interaction of systems. This principle is also applied to our automation solutions. System openness and integration with machines and software from a wide range of manufacturers are part of our company's DNA. What do you get out of it? Maximum freedom in the choice of your machinery—today and in the future.


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