Automated Sawing Center

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Produce saw cuts from bars and tubes with maximum productivity and minimal personnel costs. Our integrated solution, which includes long goods storage, automation, and automatic sawing machines, enables us to offer this service with a low cost structure. On request, we can provide everything from a single source and allow you to choose the sawing machine that is right for you.

There is still significant potential for enhancing efficiency and productivity in the intralogistics processes surrounding automatic saws. With Remmert's comprehensive storage and handling systems, you can optimize the utilization of sawing machines while minimizing personnel costs.

Remmert's storage and automation solutions are designed with a modular structure, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with all machine manufacturers. Extensions or changes to machine types can be seamlessly integrated without any complications.

Our Modules for Automated Sawing Center

Storage Systems for Long Goods

The automated provision of long goods for the sawing process requires a high-performance storage solution that is specially designed for heavy long goods. Remmert long goods storage systems are designed precisely for this purpose. The bar and tube material is stored in cassettes in a space-saving manner. This ensures simple and safe handling of long goods of different lengths. The Remmert WMS provides a precise overview of stock levels at all times.

Gentry Robot for Long Goods

With the PICK System gantry robot solution from Remmert, up to four automatic sawing machines can be connected to a cassette storage system. The PICK system takes the long material from the cassettes and makes it available to the machines. The remaining material is put back into storage according to the same principle. The entire process is fast, safe and fully automatic.

Jointed-Arm-Robot for Blanks

After the sawing process, blanks can be removed from the sawing table using jointed-arm robots with appropriate gripper tools and placed in the boxes or pallets provided. The robot communicates with the machines and the MES system.

System Integration

Our philosophy is to empower our clients to define the systems of their choice and then take care of the integration. Our engineering and service teams are committed to this principle. All Remmert systems are designed to interact with other systems, allowing our clients to optimize their production and logistics processes for the future.

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