All-inclusive: The Service Contracts from Remmert

The failure of complex & automated production processes can have serious consequences for your business. A broad range of know-how and in-depth expertise is required to protect key equipment from unexpected failure. With our service level agreements, you have the maximum possible support at your fingertips.

Inspection Contracts

To ensure the availability and longest possible service life of your systems at all times, we carry out tests at regular intervals.

  • Necessary annual safety inspections in accordance with DIN EN528 (incl. corresponding test seal)
  • Inspection of mechanical components by qualified Remmert technicians

Support Contracts

Guaranteed immediate assistance with fixed services you can rely on.

  • All-inclusive telephone support with extended business and response times
  • Best possible support through visual assistance via augmented reality & remote support
  • Regular software maintenance

The Support Contract Packages at a Glance

  Basic Advanced Expert Premium
On-call time Mo - Fr 8 - 17 CES Mo - Fr 7 - 18 CES Mo - Fr 6 - 22 CES Sa 8 - 12 CES 24/7
Guaranteed response time - 2 h 1,5 h 1 h
Visual support - Max. 1 h per month Max. 2 h per month inklusive
Remote support Max. 5 h per month inclusive inclusive inclusive
Software maintenance - 1 x p.a. 1 x p.a. 2 x p.a.
Pricing at cost System-specific flat rate System-specific flat rate System-specific flat rate