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Modernization of your storage system & automation technology

If regular servicing is no longer sufficient, modernizing your storage equipment is a logical next step. Retrofitting extends the service life of your existing technology, offering a cost-effective alternative to investing in new equipment.

Our RetroFit Offering

Automated storage and conveyor systems can be operated for 15 to 20 years without any problems if they are regularly maintained. However, while maintenance focuses on keeping the existing technology in good working order, our retrofit service takes a different approach. We replace individual components to extend the overall service life or implement modern functions.

Replacement of components that are no longer efficient or obsolete, e.g. migration from S5 to S7 control systems
Restoring the availability of spare parts
Update or integration of a WMS (warehouse management system) and connection to ERP systems
Optimized overall warehouse logistics concept
New drives and drive concepts, e.g. for your lifting and running gear
Expansion of automation
Extensions for process visualization
Connection of processing machines

7 Steps to Modernize your Warehouse Equipment

Step 1: Identify problems

The first step is to identify problems that are occurring more frequently. Typical indicators can be

  • Frequently occurring errors such as positioning errors, bus errors, error messages, component failures
  • The safety technology no longer complies with current regulations and is subject to complaints during inspections.
  • The supply of spare parts is becoming increasingly difficult. Procurement is becoming more complex and expensive.
  • The integration of new machines or IT systems is not possible due to age.
  • Warehouse technology no longer fits in with operational processes or is often an obstacle to improvements.
  • Overall, new demands are being placed on technology that cannot currently be met.

Step 2: Initial meeting with us

If you are interested in learning more about the retrofitting of your storage and automation technology by Remmert, please do not hesitate to contact us. In general, we are able to retrofit our own systems and similar third-party products. During an initial meeting, we will assess the current situation and define the objectives together.

Step 3: Retrofit concept & quotation

Following a comprehensive analysis, we will present you with a detailed status, optimization, and risk report, providing all the essential information you need to make an informed decision.
Furthermore, we will develop your RetroFit basic concept based on your objectives, the results of the check, and the safety-relevant regulations and standards.

Step 4: Planning

The individual measures are planned in detail with you in several workshops. The time schedule plays a particularly important role here, as the warehouse technology is usually in use every day. The aim is to integrate the modernization into your operational processes as harmoniously as possible. For example, times for downtime and training of your employees are firmly scheduled in the planning.

Step 5: Preparation

In this phase, all the necessary steps are prepared in-house or, if necessary, at your premises by our service technicians:

  • Mechanical/electrical design drawings: This is where we plan exactly how the new technology / components will look and be used
  • Procurement of components / production at Remmert
  • If necessary, preparatory measures on site
  • In-house tests and quality checks before delivery

Step 6: Installation & commissioning

The new technology is installed and put into operation at your premises according to a fixed schedule. In order to avoid disruptions to operating processes as far as possible, the work will be precisely coordinated with you.

Step 7: Testing & acceptance

Once all the work has been completed, the system is tested and accepted. During this phase, the operating personnel are also trained on the functional changes that have been made.

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