• Remmert BASIC Tower Blech

    kompakt, flexibel, intuitiv

    Platzsparendes Lagersystem für geringe Mengen Blech und Flachgut.

  • Remmert BASIC Tower Langgut

    schnell, sicher, materialschonend

    Platzsparendes Lagersystem für geringe Mengen Lang- und Flachgut.

  • Remmert Blechlager

    effizient, zukunftssicher, schnell

    Automatisches Lagersystem für die Lagerung von Blech.

  • Remmert Brückenlager

    kompakt, effizient, überzeugend

    Automatisches Lagersystem für die Lagerung von Langgut.

  • Remmert Wabenlager

    sicher, wirtschaftlich, maßgefertigt

    Flexibles Lagersystem für die Lagerung von Langgut und Blech.

Maintenance and support from Remmert

This way your systems will always have optimal power.

Service Hotline - Your direct line to us

To effectively avoid downtime, contact the specialist Remmert service team whenever you need them, seven days a week. Together we will locate the fault in your system and support you in repairing the problem. If this is not possible right away, we will of course join you on site as quickly as possible.

  • Immediate, competent telephone consultation
  • Remote Service to connect directly into the system
  • A service technician is sent to the facility to provide solutions

Regular maintenance

To ensure the availability and the longest possible life of your systems at all times, we complete maintenance at regular intervals. Flexibility is our motto. We are always ready to carry out meetings even at the weekend. With our systems you will receive a warranty of twelve months, which can be extended to 24 months. You will also receive an individual maintenance contract if needed.

  • Necessary annual safety assessments are conducted

  • Flexible maintenance intervals
  • Software updates

  • Regularly UVV tests according to DIN EN528
  • We can ensure that your system fulfils all relevant norms and and we can provide them with the appropriate product certification

Replacement parts service

To ensure that your storage system operates smoothly, we deliver all necessary replacement parts as quickly as possible. We supply these using a global service network and exclusively from noteable manufacturers.

  • Short response times of a maximum of 24 hours
  • All replacement parts are available for at least ten years
  • Long-term operational security in changing surrounding conditions

The Remmert service contract

Here we put a real emphasis on After Sales. That’s why we developed the Remmert service contract. Together with you, we establish which scope of service suits you the best. So you can guarantee the availability of your systems, your individual telephone support and the quickest possible on-site service.

  • Individual adaptability through modular construction
  • Together, we determine your individual and fastest service requirements
  • Your facility is optimally prepared to meet changing needs of the future and long-term competitiveness