Goods-in / Goods-out station

The material storage and retrieval station is designed as a mobile carriage and can move to two defined positions. The first position is the storage position where pallets are received from the SRM. The second position is the station position outside the safety area of the storage system. Here, the system pallet can be loaded with sheet metal packages using the alignment fixtures. 


The station is equipped with a station guard to ensure optimum safety. It also has lifting plungers as a feature to enable convenient loading of the system pallet. For this purpose, the lifting plungers with material-friendly plastic trim are moved upwards through the spaces between the pallets. With the help of a forklift or crane, the sheet metal packages are aligned with the alignment fixtures and then placed on the lifting stamps. After the stamps have been lowered again, the material is placed on the system pallet and can be stored. The carriage is also equipped with a pallet lock to prevent the pallet from moving unintentionally.

Technical Data

Formats 3015 4020 4020 6020 8020
Payload per pallet 3 t 3 t 5 t 5 t 5 t
Distributed load 650 kg / m² 380 kg / m² 625 kg / m² 420 kg / m² 310 kg / m²
Loading high 90 / 270 mm 60 / 240 mm 90 / 340 mm 55 / 280 mm 40 / 300 mm
Driving speed 24 m / min 24 m / min 24 m / min 24 m / min 24 m / min


Longitudinal carriage

Storage and retrieval stations can be designed as transverse or longitudinal carriages. This means that the system can be designed to suit individual customer requirements.


Alignment fixture

The alignment fixtures at the station is used to store sheets with pinpoint accuracy. Pins/stops can be set for this purpose, which can be inserted/pushed in different ways depending on the sheet size. If the pins are not in use, there is a plug-in option to store them there.


Automatic mode

This option allows the station trolley to move automatically between its positions. For this purpose, the safety area of the storage system is extended with additional light barriers around the station's travel path.


Additional stop position

The additional stop position enables the station to stop at a further defined point on the exit route.


Runways embedded in the floor

There is the option of lowering the station's rails into the floor. This avoids tripping hazards and significantly improves accessibility for industrial trucks.