Fully Automatic Sorting & Palletizing of Laser-cut Parts


Get more done with less manpower in your laser cutting process! SortFLEX is the perfect solution for automating the sorting and palletizing of sheet metal parts after laser cutting. With its flexible installation options, you can combine it with different machine parks to suit your needs.

Features & Advantages

With the universal suction tool, workpieces weighing up to 100 kg in different sizes and shapes can be removed from a nesting plan and stacked in a space-optimized manner. Thanks to the automatic tool change, other tools such as magnets or label printers can also be applied.

Reduction in personnel costs

The use of SortFLEX significantly reduces the amount of personnel required for the monotonous and physically strenuous work of sorting and palletizing. SortFLEX can reliably pick up over 90% of the typical range of parts. Parts that cannot be picked up are automatically identified and marked by the software.

Easy integration

SortFLEX can be combined with laser cutting machines and CAD/CAM software from various manufacturers. Integration into existing laser cutting centers is also possible.

Free choice of installation

SortFLEX can be integrated into a laser cutting system and pick up the parts directly from the shuttle table or from a separate sorting station. A separate installation as an independent sorting station is also possible.

Intuitive operation

The intuitive SortFLEX software automatically plans the sorting of parts and storage on pallets. Manual changes can be made easily and are saved for repeat orders.

SortFLEX - Modules and Options


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