PICK System – Automatic pick & place of heavy long goods


The Remmert PICK system automates the handling of bars, tubes, and other heavy long goods between the storage system and automatic sawing machines. The gantry gripper is capable of picking up to 55 bars per hour, ensuring automatic loading and optimum utilization of up to four production machines.

Features & Advantages

The Remmert PICK system removes the long material from a cassette at the staging station of the storage system and feeds it to the CNC machine. After processing, the pick robot returns the remaining material to the storage system. A second load carrier is already waiting at the buffer area of the same storage station, from which the PICK system removes new material for processing.

High productivity of the sawing center

The fully automatic process, from feeding the saws to returning the residual material, supports full utilization of the machines without long waiting times. Even 24/7 production processes can be realized without any problems.

Reduced staff requirements

Compared to the operation of sawing machines without automation, the use of personnel is significantly reduced, as the time-consuming handling of long material with a crane or forklift truck is almost completely eliminated. Even night shifts can be run with minimal manpower.

Free choice of machine manufacturer

The PICK system can be universally combined with almost all types of automatic sawing machines from different manufacturers. It is also possible to change the machine type at a later date. This gives you maximum freedom of choice and a better negotiating position with manufacturers.

Transparent and correct stock levels

No more manual measuring and booking of stock levels. Thanks to the integration of Remmert WMS, ERP and the control of the automatic sawing machines, inventory management is automatic. You know exactly what your stock levels are at all times.

Technical Data

Max. material weight Max. material length Material dimension flat edge Material dimension square
25 kN 6.500 mm / 2 x 3.100 mm 20 - 260 mm 20 x 20 mm / 260 x 200 mm
PICK system from Remmert

“With the Remmert solution in combination with the Amada saws, we have reached an important milestone for the future of our company.”

Peter Breitenmoser
General Manager SCHMOBI Switzerland

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