Automated Guided Vehicles

Moving goods in the hall from A to B via C. Whether sheet metal, long goods cassettes or pallets. Automated, without human resources, easily scalable and extremely flexible. This is the next level of automation in metalworking companies: The connection of production and logistics islands to form a continuous material flow throughout the entire plant.

Platform AGV

With the Remmert AGV, even large and heavy loads such as sheet metal, long goods cassettes or welded assemblies can be transported safely and autonomously in confined production and storage environments.

Forklift AGV

The Remmert Forklift AGV can lift pallets up to 1200 mm above the floor. This makes it possible to bridge height differences between conveyor systems and floor level and to stack pallets in racks - autonomously and without the need for personnel. The Forklift AGV navigates independently in production and warehouse environments next to your employees.

System Integration

Our philosophy is to empower our clients to define the systems of their choice and then take care of the integration. Our engineering and service teams are committed to this principle. All Remmert systems are designed to interact with other systems, allowing our clients to optimize their production and logistics processes for the future.