Project Engineering

No two people are the same, and no two companies are the same either. This is why every Remmert solution is unique. We adapt to you, not the other way around. This is why we have optimized our processes and designed our portfolio to be modular, expandable, open to systems and highly adaptable to individual requirements. Our customers are our top priority.


All competencies in-house

We apply all our expertise to every customer project. The status is coordinated with all departments through regular exchange meetings, and the next steps are planned. We are ideally positioned to provide complex solutions, particularly in the areas of design and in-house special machine construction, as well as on-site integration. The most important core competencies are available in our teams.

System Integration

Perfect Fit

No compromises, no dependencies. Our aim is to provide you with the best solution. And this includes maximum freedom in the selection of machines and systems. You only have this with Remmert: you select the machine and system components that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. We take care of the integration. In essence, we rely on standardized, modular components that we combine - similar to Lego building blocks - to create individual material flow solutions.

Six steps to your customized system



Every project starts with a consultation with our sales representatives or sales partners. In on-site discussions and web meetings, the exact requirements are recorded and examined from all sides. New ideas and target definitions often emerge from the intensive exchange with the technical experts.


Review and Analysis

At this stage at the latest, the most suitable experts for the project are brought in from our sales engineering team. Together, the essence of the discussions is summarized in initial solution approaches. Depending on the complexity, further necessary information is obtained and, if necessary, feasibility studies are prepared.


Conception and Offer Compilation

Modern CAD design models enable the visualization and calculation of concrete solutions in 2D or 3D. Our proposed solutions are never set in stone and serve as the basis for further conceptual planning with you. If necessary, comparable reference objects from other Remmert customers are inspected together with you during this phase.


Project Planning

Once the order has been placed, your project is handed over to the responsible project engineer at Remmert. He will oversee the project's further planning and coordination with you and with all Remmert teams involved in the project, including design, materials management, production, and control technology. We also coordinate the project's fine-tuning with third parties, such as for the integration of external systems.


Delivery & Assembly

The delivery and installation times are precisely coordinated with you by the project engineering department to minimize the impact on operations. For installation, our field service relies on experienced employees and partners who are highly trained in Remmert systems. The modular concept of Remmert solutions contributes to fast and error-free installation on site.


Commissioning & Training

As soon as your new system is up and running, your employees will receive intensive training from our service staff. Thorough instruction is an important element in ensuring trouble-free operation right from the start. And in the event that something does go wrong, our service team is there to help.


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