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Remmert sheet metal storage tower with new low-priced model

With the Remmert BASIC Tower, sheet metal and other flat goods can be stored close to production in a very compact area. At Blechexpo in Stuttgart (07.-10.11.2023), Remmert will presented a price-optimized starter model.

The BASIC Tower is Remmert's compact solution for automatic sheet metal storage in the production environment. The fully automated tower storage system offers up to 65 sheet metal storage locations as a single or double tower. The Remmert BASIC Tower is optimized for flexible integration with laser cutting systems from various manufacturers. For applications requiring only an automated storage solution without system integration, Remmert has designed the BASIC Tower EASY. Its range of functions is reduced to the main task of storage and is therefore very attractively priced.

The single tower is offered in two different heights and can be installed free-standing in the immediate surroundings of production machines. The integrated lift stacker moves the system pallets fully automatically to an ergonomic working height. Compared to simple non-automated solutions, this eliminates the need to move individual sheets with a forklift truck. This significantly reduces the space and time required for storage and manual handling.

All operating elements are centrally and intuitively arranged. Simply the stock tray needs to be selected on the touch screen - the stacker takes care of the rest. The safety devices ensure safe operation. Remmert optionally offers a warehouse management system as a software extension that can also be connected to an ERP system.