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Remmert running group takes home trophy

With an outside temperature of more than 30°C and bright sunshine, the Remmert running group came out on top as overall winners at the Hermes Charity Run on Sept. 10, 2023 in Löhne. In addition, Jens Homann ranked second in his age group and third in the overall men's standings.

The Hermes Charity Run serves a good cause - a total of around 3,000 euros was raised as a donation for the Spatzenberg residential home. The Spatzenberg residential home is an AWO-Ostwestfalen-Lippe residential facility for adults with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities. The residents are offered individual autism-friendly living and employment opportunities. 

Sports support has a long tradition at Remmert. Remmert teams regularly take part in company runs or soccer tournaments in the region. In addition, Remmert supports soccer, athletics and ice hockey teams in the region financially and with donations in kind.

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