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Remmert PartnerDays in Amsterdam

Together with sales partners from 13 countries, Remmert organized the PartnerDays 2023 from October 23 to 25. For the first time, Remmert did not invite to Löhne, but to the beautiful Amsterdam.

Since all participants from the partner companies traveled by plane, Amsterdam was a good choice as a central European destination with good flight connections. The conference hotel was also chosen close to the airport to keep the journey to and from the airport as short as possible. The Remmert team traveled by bus from Löhne.

At the annual get-together, Remmert and all sales partners meet to exchange information about the latest developments in warehouse technology and automation. The highlight was the presentation of the new Remmert BASIC Tower EASY, which adds a budget-friendly variant to the sheet metal storage portfolio.

Another reason for choosing Amsterdam as the venue was the proximity to some reference customers in the Netherlands. This allowed participants to get a concrete picture of some Remmert systems in sheet metal processing. In addition to the Mammut system, an automation system for thick sheet metal, the event also covered the first customer installation of the Remmert AGV. At customer Hoekman Roestvaststaal B.V., the automated guided vehicle is used to automatically transport cut sheet metal panels to a sorting station away from the laser center. The third reference was a laser center where two Prima Power lasers are automatically supplied with 4020 sheets using a Remmert storage and automation solution.

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