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New Remmert Website

Intralogistics specialist Remmert launches a new website. In addition to a fresh design, the content has been completely revised and reflects the dynamism of a growing family business.

"Online is the first and most important point of contact with our potential customers. As such, our website must immediately convey our core competencies and make a convincing impression. To achieve this, we have fundamentally revised the content and also transferred the design concept, which we have already successfully established at trade fairs, to the web," explains Thomas Holthöfer, Head of Online Marketing at Remmert.

Compared to the old website, which represented Remmert on the internet for more than 10 years with several design updates, the new site looks much cleaner and more appealing. “Our corporate culture is characterised by a strong sense of togetherness. The family feeling that is lived at Remmert should also be noticeable on the website. That's why we present some of our employees and their contribution to the whole in short videos that are distributed throughout the website. Interested parties and applicants can get an authentic impression of us before they meet us in person in Löhne or at trade fairs.”

In terms of content, the focus has shifted from the presentation of individual products to Remmert's solution competence. “The customised integration of our modular systems into the local conditions of our customers and the interaction with third-party systems are our strengths. We are now presenting this variety of options and our core competence with significantly more use cases and reference examples.”

The website concept also reflects changes in user behaviour on the Internet. For example, traditional tracking technologies are no longer used to analyse user behaviour. "The bars that appear on many websites to accept or reject tracking are increasingly perceived as annoying by users. We have therefore opted for a different solution on our website. Cookies no longer need to be accepted because there are none on our site".

The new website went live in English and German end of May 2024. Further language translations into Polish and Dutch will follow in the coming weeks and months.