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Automated picking warehouse for long goods with energy recovery

Remmert's storage and handling solutions come into play when large quantities of bars, tubes and profiles with a length of six meters or more need to be stored in a space-saving manner and picked quickly. At Logimat 2024 in Stuttgart, Remmert will be presenting optimized honeycomb storage technology and sophisticated picking solutions for automated storage and fast picking specifically for the requirements of the window and door industry.

Remmert honeycomb warehouses are specially designed for long goods such as bars, pipes or aluminum/plastic profiles. The bulky material is stored in cassettes, which are stored in honeycomb rack structures like drawers of storage and retrieval machines. Cassette storage systems are particularly beneficial for long goods, as bulky material can be stored compactly and handled much more efficiently and without risk of damage. Cassettes and racks are specially tailored to the material dimensions. This increases the storage density to a maximum and makes optimum use of the floor space.

Energy-efficient storage and retrieval machines for up to 40 storage and retrieval operations per hour

The storage and retrieval machines are designed so that they can pick up two cassettes alternately. This avoids empty runs and speeds up the movement of goods. Up to 40 storage and retrieval operations per hour are possible. The storage and retrieval machines can move material weighing up to 1.5 tons per cassette to a height of up to 25 meters. When two stacker cranes are used in one aisle, e.g. with very long racks or redundant operation, the dynamic speed control ensures perfect interaction between the two stacker cranes and fast cycle times. Recuperation, in other words the energy recovery of the drive units of the lifting traverse, contributes to very low energy consumption, as does the path-optimized control system.

Goods-to-man also for long goods

The most important argument in favor of an automated cassette warehouse is the goods-to-man principle, which is significantly more efficient, safer and gentler on materials than transport by forklift truck or crane. Various station solutions are available to make the incoming and outgoing transfer of long goods as quick and easy as possible. Carousel stations ensure that cassettes can be changed quickly in the transfer area. This means that trucks can be unloaded in the goods receiving area without any waiting time, and various items can also be moved to the employee in the picking area in the shortest possible time, which significantly optimizes personnel deployment. Browser-based WMS dashboards with color coding of the items to be picked make it more convenient to pick goods at the manual picking stations.

In addition to manual picking, Remmert integrates supporting systems such as special manipulators and transport trolleys, with which picked orders can either be transported to the next processing stage or buffered directly back in the honeycomb warehouse. The integration of fully automatic pick & place robots or automatic saws is also possible.