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Implementation of Remmert automation at Kamir Sp. z o.o.

Companies whose business activities involve laser cutting of various types of sheet metal components are confronted with many challenges with regard to the automation of production. By using Remmert’s intralogistics solutions the company Kamir not only increased the efficiency of its processes, but also saved warehouse space and gained the option of efficiently extending its plant in the future.

Kamir Sp. z o.o. provides services in the area of laser cutting, bending, welding and lathe work. Since it was founded in 2000 it has continually expanded its activities. The company’s main strategic objective is to continually develop and implement advanced technologies enabling it to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of its production. 

For this reason, in 2017 it began work aimed at increasing output at its sheet metal processing plant. The decision was made to purchase two new lasers, which also required making the right choice of automation. The absence thereof could generate inefficient downtime of the lasers, as cutting the sheet metal takes much less time than delivering the next sheet for cutting. 

Kamir was looking for a solution which would take three key aspects into account. The first was the need to ensure optimal process efficiency thanks to simultaneous loading and unloading of the laser. The second key issue turned out to be space-saving in the warehouse – almost 80 pallets of sheet metal had to be stored and worked in as small a space as possible. The third element was the ability to extend the installed system in the future, since the company plans to introduce a second laser at a later date. For this reason Kamir wanted a solution which would be independent of the choice of laser manufacturer.

Saving time and space

For the new system to be able to meet all Kamir’s needs it had to save space, be fast and have a modular construction. The solution proposed by Remmert fulfilled all these requirements. As a recognised expert in the area of automation and intralogistics the company offered the client LaserFLEX automation and BASIC Tower warehouse space optimisation. A sheet metal warehouse with an area of 35 m2 was designed for 84 pallets with a carrying capacity of three tonnes each. The design allows a substantial amount of space to be saved, according to the principle of ”maximum storage space in the minimum basic space”.

After the system is started up a signal is sent to the warehouse with an order for an unprocessed metal sheet. The LaserFLEX automation lifts the sheet and transfers it to the laser table. After the sheet has been cut the unloading unit takes the cut sheet from the laser table to the pallet with special forks. At the same time, a second loading unit delivers the next sheet for cutting from the connected warehouse. LaserFLEX performs these actions in approximately one minute, making it the fastest system on the market. The process is repeated several times until the pallet is filled with cut components. The pallet is then replaced with a new one and the cut parts are automatically taken away to be returned to the warehouse or transferred to the next process – sorting. The downtime of the connected machines is reduced to almost zero.

An additional advantage of the implemented solutions is the fact that LaserFLEX can operate in an automatic cycle with little or no involvement of the operator. This is particularly valuable at night and on weekends and public holidays, and also enables significant savings on the servicing of the equipment. Since the installation of the new system, the laser punch press in the Kamir plant has been able to operate for as much as 700 hours per month. 

The whole process is controlled by SMART Control software, also provided by Remmert. The interface which manages all the processes associated with sheet metal processing is intuitive and permanently connected to Remmert’s remote system. In the event of a problem, this enables rapid diagnostics at any time and the provision of immediate assistance.

A vision for the future

Remmert’s solution also allows for extension, which was a very important aspect for the client. Kamir expects that in the next few years the needs of its plant in the area of laser cutting of sheet metal will increase and it will need to purchase a further machine. The whole investment was therefore designed so that the same automation could serve a further laser. This is possible thanks to the modular construction of Remmert’s solutions. Additional components can be added at any time. This means that the automation is flexible and adjusted to the needs of the client and also allows optimisation of the costs of the investment. If two separate devices were installed, each of which served only one laser, the costs of installation would be much higher than is the case when existing automation can be extended with a new module. Another advantage is the fact that the solution is entirely independent of the manufacturer. Therefore, Kamir can decide in the future to purchase any laser of its choice available on the market.

The implementation of the Remmert installation in the Kamir plant took six months and was based on tried and tested solutions which are used globally by the automation provider. There are currently over 500 storage systems created by Remmert in operation in various locations around the world. 

Remmert GmbH – about the company

“We make material flow” is Remmert’s motto and a point of reference in its cooperation with companies from the metal and steel processing and trading sector. As a technology company Remmert is a recognised expert in the area of automation and intralogistics and systems for storing long components and sheet metal. Standardised collaborative modules allow precise adaptation of the process of material and information flow to the client’s needs. Remmert’s systems, including smart software and control modules, enable an increase in productivity in the intralogistics process from the very first day of their use. Because they are manufacturer-independent and have a modular construction, the systems can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements. Users are provided with a comprehensive solution being a long-term, safe investment for the entire cycle of materials flow on the periphery of their machine tools.


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