New Remmert robot application for laser storage

LaserFLEX: The new robot application for sheet metal from Remmert GmbH is currently the fastest solution on the market for fully automated feeding of laser systems. Two automation units decouple the supply and removal for the processing machines. Material changing times of approx. one minute are the result. Users benefit from automated processes, manufacturer-independent integration and significantly reduced downtimes.

Quick and efficient processes are essential for production companies. What’s the bottleneck? The often unobtainable automation of laser systems, for example. With LaserFLEX, Remmert is responding to this challenge. The new robot application for sheet metal enables a higher level of automation in laser-supported manufacture. The concept: LaserFLEX is fitted with two automated units - one supplier and one remover. This way Remmert decouples the feeding of the laser systems. After cutting the sheet metal, the fork unit of the new system lifts the processed metal sheet from the laser’s changing table. At the same time, the vacuum unit picks up a new board from the connected storage system. As soon as the remover places the sheet back down or sets it next to the machine, the supplier attaches the new sheet to the laser. The Laser FLEX needs approx. one minute to do this - and according to a benchmark study by Remmert, it is the quickest system on the market. The downtimes of the connected machines are near zero, even lasers with a high processing speed are optimally supported.

Flexible automation technology

In accordance with the various user requirements, LaserFLEX is designed for sheets of metal in the formats 3015 and 4020. Thanks to standard interfaces for SPS and IT, several lasers can be integrated manufacturer-independently at the same time and be supplied in parrallel through an individual robot application with material. The connection to the storage technology is also flexible. For quick access, users can stock the sheet metal in the immediate production environment using single or double tower storage systems. Connection to larger or corresponding Remmert storage systems is always possible.

Laser FLEX can be traced back both directly to Remmert and to the OEM partner of the storage experts. The new automation technology is currently being successfully tested by two large European manufacturers of storage systems.

Information Remmert LaserFLEX

  • Designed for sheet metal in the formats 3015 and 4020
  • Fork unit as the supplier
  • Vacuum unit as the remover
  • Standard interface for SPS and IT