New Remmert BASIC tower for chimney manufacturer Interfocos

Simply well stored. Interfocos are increasing their manufacturing capacity and integrating an automatic storage system with it. The Remmert BASIC tower sheet metal slots perfectly into the location concept of the Dutch chimney manufacturer. Thanks to a compact design and powerful drive concept, the system enables quick access to the stored sheet metal and operating production. Interfocos thus maintains the short delivery times they are accustomed to and increases their turnover.

Quality from task acceptance to delivery. At Interfocos this is the successful company philosophy. A few years ago, the Dutch chimney manufacturer brought in Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM). This is a strategy to increase the speed of the supply chain. Companies can thus respond to client requests or changes to the market at short notice and get the highest use at minimal cost. Interfocos has implemented QRM with success. The run times for tasks were noticeably reduced, stock was lowered and a the same time the turnover in the warehouse was increased. Neither time, nor material or energy were wasted. The released capacities in manufacture are used optimally by the chimney experts and they are now investing in new laser systems. In parrallel, Interfocos is revitalising its storage logistics and integrating a Remmert BASIC tower. Here, 60 sheets of metal are stored on 25 m2 of floor space. The automation storage system thus meets Interfocos’ requirements. The production company has also had convincing results from the drive concept of the tower developed by Remmert. The lifting technology is not attached to a roller chain as would otherwise be normal, instead it uses a special chain - the so called ‘King Chain Drive’ - to move on a gear rack. This way, the system works very quickly and effectively and is very precisely positioned. Another point, which stands in Remmert’s favour is that the BASIC tower can be integrated into the existing production landscape of Interfocos without any problems. Thanks to the new hall concept, a smooth flow of materials is guaranteed in the long term. In future the stand alone system will stand between the two laser systems and supply them with materials in the shortest periods of time. Production power will increase by more than double.