Modular concept for digital supply chain management

Remmert’s logistics software lays the foundations for greater efficiency in warehousing systems

dynamics in merchandise management: According to Bundesvereinigung Logistik, the digitalisation of business processes and transparent processes in the supply chain are some of the most important trends in business. At the same time, it is really challenging to integrate new software into an existing system landscape. Remmert, experts in intelligent automation and intralogistics solutions, has developed modular software tools in addition to efficient sheet metal and long-goods storage systems that support users in running an efficient process chain between production and logistics. These complement the modular Remmert portfolio, which keeps a steady eye on material flows throughout the entire production. Key advantage: the Remmert software and hardware portfolio can also be linked to users’ processing machines and HOST systems quickly and without any problems.

With SMART Control, Remmert has developed a solution for intelligently controlling and operating its FLEX modules for process automation. As well as modern software architecture, the system wins points for its integrated management of users and permissions, as well as extensive service functionality and the provision of status information for handling material and warehouse data. 

Focus on added value for users

SMART Control supports users with the running of linked modules in a detailed and structured way. Its straightforward, intuitive operating concept means that employees only need brief training on the system. It also allows you to track current orders and manage inventories and inventory corrections in a straightforward way. Its modular design and manufacturer independence mean that existing systems can be easily expanded and kept up-to-date.


Remmert logistics software has been created in collaboration with industry designers, is made for touch screen and allows intuitive use. As a modular system, it simplifies connections to HOST systems as well as the manufacturer-independent integration of processing machines. Usability is fast and intuitive, from basic warehouse management to the production control system. Extensive customisation means that it is possible to tailor it to a great extent.

Integrated digitalisation strategy based on networked processes 

The PRO WMS Professional software package includes all of the features for inventory management, storage and relocation. It provides machines with material and takes on the storage role for processed parts in the warehouse. In the second stage of expansion, the software system controls and optimises all linked warehouses and links external production units that are fully automated, semi-automated or operated manually. This is how various processing machines can be directly linked to the warehouse, meaning material or processed parts can be requested from the warehouse via data interfaces. All material movements are reported back to the HOST system via PRO WMS Enterprise.

“Whether it’s sheet metal or long-goods storage systems or whether it’s modular logistics software that facilitates excellent, high-quality automated processes along the entire supply chain - our focus is always on the benefit of our portfolio for users,” explains Ralf Kruse, Head of Data Technology at Remmert. “Digitalisation offers companies the prospect of higher added value based on an integrated automation strategy. As such, we support you in the long-term by providing you with the right hardware and software solutions for you, therefore offering a piece of future security.”