Metalworking 2020: Targeting modularity and processing excellence

Remmert presents the decisive trends for a networked and integrated future in intralogistics

Efficient and easy-to-use material flow in the metalworking industry is also an important competitive factor in the new year and a prerequisite for economic success. Material handling expert Remmert based in Löhne, summarises how it is integrating the trends of 2020 into its business model, thus providing its customers with a reliable basis for success.


On the road to success with a modular concept for long goods and sheet metal

“We make material flow” – this slogan sums up Remmert's concept of increasing productivity and optimising the material flow of its customers with tailor-made solutions and a modular approach. For this purpose, standard components are being used in the entire warehousing and picking process in accordance with the specific operating conditions. These are integrated into the overall process in accordance with customer requirements. The requirement-based combination of modules, for example for loading and unloading laser cutting machines and sorting lasered finished parts, ensures flexible handling on the part of the user and simplifies the processes significantly. The individual modules are flexibly adapted to the specific conditions on site and integrated into the existing production process. In this way, the manufacturer is able to meet the wishes of many customers who want to start with a manageable and smart solution and gradually adapt the material handling system to their own growth.


Strategic partnership with added value

There is a trend towards developing more integrated solutions for agile material logistics. For this purpose, Remmert concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with the software manufacturer WiCAM in 2019. The aim is to offer joint customers standardised and simplified interfaces as well as standardised information in the workflow. This affects, among other things, the data flow from ERP/PPS and CAD/CAM/nesting to the handling of raw materials and the logistics of finished parts. Solutions that have already been implemented, such as the Remmert LaserFLEX with WiCAM PN4000, will form the basis for joint projects in 2020. Thus in the future, users will benefit from high process reliability, significant increases in productivity and the possibility of modularly and flexibly expanding their systems given the increasing hardware and software requirements.


Flexibility in response to the volatile economic situation

The global economy will be under pressure in 2020. Metalworking companies will therefore need to be extremely flexible. For example, the trend to switch from mass production to one-off items requires flexible systems. Remmert is setting standards here with its intelligent SMART Control system, among other things, which addresses the requirements of Industry 4.0 and has received a design award. The solution is as easy and intuitive to use as a smartphone and therefore requires very little training.


Systematically adapting to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 places high demands on solution providers and users. It is therefore increasingly important to synchronise data traffic and to merge process data in a visual monitoring process. For this purpose, Remmert has started to produce a toolbox, which currently contains 25 flexible modules that can be used according to requirements, and has also started to integrate processing machines, independent of the manufacturer. Remmert is also active as a software developer.


“As a company with around 140 employees, having a market presence that is especially customer-oriented is one of the pillars of our philosophy”, explains Matthias Remmert, Managing Director of Remmert GmbH. “In addition to our experienced teams of engineers, we focus on our own in-house production and intensive service with 24/7 support. With this service package, we will be able to provide reliable and targeted support for customers all over the world in 2020, the year of our company’s 75th anniversary.”