Fire brigade technology manufacturer integrates Remmert bridge storage system

A reduced storage floor space with increased productivity - these are the goals of Rosenbauer International AG. To reach these goals, the company is integrating a bridge storage system from Remmert over the next few months. A significant increase in the available space and an increase in machine use are just two of the advantages of the investment. With this storage system, Rosenbauer lays the foundation for its future growth.

Rosenbauer International AG is the leading fire brigade technology manufacturer for fire and catastrophe protection. To achieve quick and flexible manufacturing, the company always stocks thousands of tonnes of aluminium profiles (e.g. for shutters for fire fighting equipment) at their location in Neidling, Austria. Until now these were stored in pallets on the ground or in cantilever racks, separated into different manufacture halls - with significant logistic limits. To optimise the storage and manufacturing processes, Rosenbauer decided to integrate an automatic long goods storage system from Friedrich Remmert GmbH. “We already had a storage concept with an external planner and were looking for a suitable partner for storage technology,” explains Maximilian Wartinger, Operations Manager at Rosenbauer. “Remmert didn’t just offer the best solution, they had also previously worked successfully with the planning office. Just as they did for our project. The storage specialist completely took on our ideas. The choice for us was easy.”

A significant goal for Rosenbauer was to create more space for value added production. The new bridge storage system is being build in silo construction and directly next to the manufacturing hall. Thanks to the compact design, with only 13 aisles, it has space for 375 cartridge storage spaces. The company is thus increasing their storage capacity. At the same time, Rosenbauer is reducing the considerable handling costs. Four stations - one input and three output stations - will connect storage and manufacture in future. A large number of profiles are delivered in reusable pallets and stored directly into the cartridges. To enable a quick and ergonomic input loading process, Remmert is fitting the input loading stations with a mechanical lever. The removal of the long goods profiles from the cartridges and the connecting preparation at the four saws per indoor crane. Through the automatic stocking and efficient material handling, Rosenbauer are predicting the storage system will be set up in Autumn 2013 with a significant increase in machine performance. The company will also have enough space and resources in future to expand its manufacture over the next few years.

Technical information

  • Bridge storage system
  • Storage key figures: 40 m x 9.5 m x 6.85 m (L x W x H)
  • 496 storage spaces: 314 at 290 mm loading height, 182 at 600 mm loading height
  • 375 cartridges at 3 tonnes load capacity
  • Storage and retrieval machine with 18 to 22 double runs per hour
  • Storage management system PRO WMS Enterprise