Event held to celebrate 25 years of employment: Remmert honors long-serving employees

Stefan Storck and Bernd Brinkmann were recently honored for 25 years of service at Friedrich Remmert GmbH during a celebratory event. Stefan Storck, head of electrical design, is responsible for the development of electrical hardware, while Bernd Brinkmann works as an electrician at the specialist in storage systems for long bars and sheet metal.

Managing Director Matthias Remmert thanked the long-serving employees for their outstanding commitment and decades of loyalty. “With their competence and expertise, our employees form the heart of our modern industrial company,” the Managing Director underlined. “We strive to create a corporate climate of openness and cooperation, while also promoting creativity. And our employees reward us with their loyalty – it’s something we’re really proud of.” 

After completing his studies at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Storck worked at a plant engineering firm for two years before joining Friedrich Remmert GmbH in October 1993. In his initial role, he was responsible for designing control programs for storage systems and commissioning. He has seen a lot of changes over the years. “Hardly anything has stayed the same,” Storck explains. “The biggest challenge in my line of work is the continuous adjustment and development of new software to control our systems. Communication with other departments and professional teamwork are hugely important.” The 52-year-old has been head of electrical design since 2004. Away from his professional responsibilities, he enjoys diving into the world of analog film technology and collecting old movies. 

Bernd Brinkmann from Löhne has been with the company since July 1993 and is a qualified electrician. Alongside working in production at the company’s site in Löhne, he has also provided customers with on-site installation support in recent years. “Over the past 25 years, my job has become broader and more diverse,” Brinkmann explains. “Sometimes you need to be flexible as changes just keep on coming.” When not at work, the father of two likes to spend time on his hobby, soccer.