Driverless transport system complements automatic warehouses for XXL goods

When goods no longer fit on the standard pallet, Remmert's automatic storage, handling and transport systems are in demand.

The company has already made a name for itself in the world of the metalworking industry with solutions for sheet metal and long goods. For example, steel traders or window manufacturers use Remmert's automatic long goods warehouses for storing their up to 12-meter-long raw materials.  

Tower storage systems are used for the storage of flat goods such as sheets or plywood sheets. Because of their flexibility, these are also popular as buffer warehouses for large-volume goods. The storage towers, which are up to 25 m high, do not have fixed levels, but have carrier pallets measuring up to 6,000 x 2,000 mm, which are moved with stacker cranes. In this way, goods weighing up to six tons and with an excess of variable height can be stored in a space-saving and fully automated manner. 


Automated material flow between warehouse and production 

The perfect connection between warehouse and production is created with Remmert's transport and handling systems. For example, laser cutting systems are automatically supplied with sheets from the connected warehouse via conveyor devices. Gantry robots automate the handling of the raw sheets or the palletising of semi-finished products. As a result, CNC machines can be effectively utilised 24/7 in a personnel-reduced manner. 

Driverless transport systems also enable highly flexible, automated transports in production environments. With the Remmert AGV, heavy and bulky goods up to 3t can be moved omnidirectionally in any direction.