Storing and manufacturing in a future-proof way? Remmert knows how!

Flexibility in storage and production are indispensable nowadays. Finally customer requirements can’t always be predicted. For the Polish safe manufacturer Konsmetal, we a developed a future-proof storage system that can be flexibly adapted to the challenges of day to day business.

Special features of the project: To meet market requirements in the long term, Konsmetal is revitalising its location in the near future. A central requirement for this is the construction of a modular sheet metal storage system that can be relocated to another hall at a later time without exceptional effort. For us this is no problem. The new sheet metal storage system goes into operation as early as April. On a 1,000 m2 floor space, up to 1,375 sheets of metal can be kept in a 2 x 4 m space. At least until further notice. Because thanks to our future-proof construction, the system can be expanded or modified without any problems. Of course it can also be led back to a possible expansion of the manufacture in our storage and material flow concept. For Konsmetal, it is a 100 percent investment-safe decision - and in lots of respects too.