Remmert Laser FLEX - the fastest handling aid for sheet metal on the market

Supplying several lasers with material at the same time and fully automatically - with just one handling solution. Remmert Laser FLEX makes it possible. We have fitted our new robot application for sheet metal with two self-sufficient automation units. Users can take advantage of fully automatic manufacturing processes and material changing times of just 60 seconds.

The concept of the Laser FLEX is simply well thought out. Through the use of two handling systems, we decouple the supply and removal of the laser system. The processes work completely seamlessly. After cutting the sheet metal, the fork unit lifts the processed metal sheet from the laser’s changing table. At the same time, the vacuum unit picks up a new board from the connected storage system. As soon as the remover places the sheet back down or sets it next to the machine, the supplier attaches the new sheet to the laser - this is all done with a changing time of just 60 seconds. Thus Laser FLEX is the fastest system of its kind on the market.

Of course flexibility also plays a roll in the development of Laser FLEX. Thus we have developed the solution for sheets of metal in the formats 3015 and 4012. Several machines can also be integrated manufacturer-independently at the same time and supplied in parrallel.