Buffer Storage & Automation for Thick Sheets

MAMMUT is the automation solution for efficient material flow of thick sheets and plates in CNC cutting processes. The system handles and buffers entire shuttle tables of raw and cut sheets up to 6 tons and 6000 x 3000 mm. CNC cutting machines, such as plasma, oxyfuel and fiber laser cutting machines, can be extended to maximum 24/7 operation while reducing the number of operators.

Features & Advantages

With the Mammut system, the shuttle tables of CNC thick sheet metal cutting machines can be set up and temporarily stored. The machines can thus be automatically and continuously supplied with new material without long waiting times.

High Productivity

The automatic and fast exchange of shuttle tables on the CNC machines reduces unproductive waiting time on the systems to a minimum. The overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) increases significantly.

Effective staff deployment

Thanks to the buffering of work orders, the cycle for work preparation and post-processing no longer depends on the machine. New sheets can be placed or sorted in a more controlled and concentrated manner.

Modular expandability

The modular MAMMUT system can also be expanded at a later stage, e.g. by adding further storage blocks or extending the automation line to integrate additional CNC machines.

Efficient production planning

CNC production orders can be planned and prepared for the long term. The CNC machines automatically pull the next job from the buffer store.

Manufacturer-independent integration

All Remmert systems are open for the integration of different CNC machine manufacturers and IT systems. A change of machine type is also possible without any problems.

MAMMUT - Modules & Options

Racking System

The shuttle tables are inserted and stored in the shelving system by the storage and retrieval unit. The number of storage locations per rack can be individually designed depending on the static permissibility. Several racks can be placed next to each other or on both sides of the stacker crane.

Storage & Retrieval Machine

The shuttle tables are inserted and stored in the rack by the storage and retrieval machine. The number of storage locations per shelf can be customized depending on the static requirements. Multiple racks can be placed side by side or on either side of the SRM.

System Integration

One of Remmert's strengths is system integration with various machine manufacturers. This concerns both the mechanical coordination between the CNC machine and the Mammut system as well as IT interfaces to specific protocols of the machine manufacturers. This allows the storage/handling system and cutting machine to interact as a single unit.

Goods Stations

The material stations are used to load and unload material onto and from the shuttle tables. Loading and unloading processes are triggered directly via terminals. In principle, the stations can be designed very individually according to customer requirements.

WMS Warehouse Management System

All material stocks in the warehouse are clearly managed in the Remmert WMS. The system can be managed from central control centers via interfaces to the ERP and MES. 

Protective Equipment

The entire system is secured with prescribed safety equipment such as safety fences and gates and laser light barriers to ensure safe operation. Sensors on the stacker crane monitor smooth operation. Any error messages are displayed via the operating terminal.

plama cutting of a steel plate

„CNC metal cutting machines are large investments that pay for themselves only through high utilization in the face of fierce competition. With our automation solutions, we ensure that machines can run continuously without the need to increase staffing levels.“

Frank Baudach
Customer Solution Expert 

References & Use Cases

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